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A Paddington Bear Guide to Fine & Decorative Arts

Continuing with our Paddington Bear series, I’ll be examining Paddington and the Old Master[i] and Too Much Off the Top[ii], where Paddington learns a great deal about art and antiques from his friend Mr. Gruber,

A Paddington Bear Guide to Auctions

Like many little girls, I was once crazy for teddy bears, evidenced by the storage boxes collecting dust in my mother’s attic.  Paddington, a “very rare bear” from “Darkest Peru”, was the bear that started

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term applied to antique and period jewelry from a particular design era that has been previously used or owned by another individual. This jewelry tends to appeal to people with an

What makes a guitar worth buying?

There are millions upon millions of guitars floating about. What is that that forces a guitar into your consciousness and makes you say, “I must own this?” (Obviously, budget is one of the constraints, but

Collecting Gone Digital: A Guide To Investing in Domain Names

It started for me more than a decade ago.  Like many people, I pondered the various Internet-based businesses I could start and run from my house. I was inspired by the success stories of ordinary people

Mark Feld’s Coin Collecting Tips

After collecting coins off and on for years as a child, I have been involved in numismatics on a full time basis, since 1979. During that time, I have run my own coin dealership, worked


Making the Most of Your Search for that Elusive Piece

Finding that elusive piece can be frustrating. Below are tips and tricks on how to make the most of your live searches and your saved Wantlist searches to help you find exactly what you want.