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Director of Numismatics, New York

no mint mark coin values

Value Guide to Coins with No Mint Marks

What are the most valuable coins with no mint marks, and how much are they worth? This guide to coins without mint marks explains their rarity and value. Ready to sell? Get a free appraisal from our experts for your collectible coin with no mint mark.

confederate gold coin collecting

Collecting Confederate Gold Coins from the Dahlonega Mint

Read the fascinating history of Civil War Confederate gold coins from the Dahlonega Mint in Georgia, and see rare Confederate coin values.

no stars

1796 Quarter Eagle No Stars – Ugly Duckling or Holy Grail?

A quick look at a 1796 Quarter Eagle Without Stars, BD-1 variety, may not impress your artistic sensibilities, as this is somewhat of an “ugly duckling” design created by the early US Mint. The lack

1933 eagle

Collecting a 1933 $10 Eagle Gold Coin is an Accomplishment

Heritage just sold a 1933 $10 Eagle gold piece—the only gold coin that can be readily traded on the open market from this year—for an astonishing $360,000 in the April Central States sale last week.

Top 10 Trophy Coins for the Elite Collector

Coin collecting can be a hobby for everyone, starting with affordable Wheat Cents and going all the way up to the rarest and most expensive pieces. However, it takes time and dedication to collect the

CAL quarter eagle featured image

1848 CAL Quarter Eagle Price Guide

Why is the 1848 CAL Gold Quarter Eagle considered the first US commemorative coin, and how much is it worth? Read about the history and value of this unique coin.

brockage coin error featured

Brockage Coin Value Guide – How Much is a Brockage Error Coin Worth?

A guide to collecting and finding the value of brockage error coins, where to get an appraisal, and how to sell your brockage coin.

fractional California gold coin

California Fractional Gold Half Dollar Part of Gold Rush History

California fractional gold coins from the gold rush era are highly sought-after by coin collectors. A round 1853 Arms of California type gold half dollar is expected to sell for around $10,000 despite being quite a bit smaller than a dime!

1855 type 2 gold proof dollar

1855 Type 2 Gold Proof Dollar Best of 7 Confirmed

One of only seven confirmed examples of an 1855 Type 2 gold proof coin is for sale at auction January 8-13, 2020. This rare coin has provenance dating back to 1864.

John Singer Sargent Letter to Monet for Sale

See the letter from John Singer Sargent to Claude Monet that will be auctioned in September 2019.