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The David Hall T206 Collection Part IV

More incredible auction results from the most complete set of “The Monster”.

Made in LA: California Artists to Have in Your Collection

Los Angeles has and continues to be a key player in the international art scene. Most recently, there has been an influx of new galleries and institutions popping up across the vast city and artists

The Coin That Shouldn’t Exist

As I watched a hush fall over the crowd, the auctioneer opened the lot for one of the most famous and sought-after error coins of all time. In front of a packed Platinum Night auction

God, The 10 Commandments and Honus Wagner: Donated Items Raise Funds Through Heritage Auctions

It was a century old, creased and someone long ago had coated it with shellac, but the small baseball card was a previously unreported example of the legendary and valuable 1909 T-206 series Honus Wagner

Silver & Vertu Auction: A Surprising Place to Find Unique Sports Trophies

Sports collectors always are looking for unique pieces from their favorite teams or players. Most head to Heritage sports auctions, but there is another area that is fertile hunting ground for unique trophies. This list

Barber Dime Price Report – 1894 S Dime is Worth $2 Million

On Thursday, January 7, Heritage sold a 1894-S dime for just short of $2 million. How can a 122 year old dime be worth so much? Buy, Value or Appraise Your US Coins Bid or

Katherine Hepburn: No Morning Glory

I belong to a family of old movie fans and book lovers.  I like to think this is the result of superior intellect and elitist literary tastes, but it probably has more to do with


I Love Calvin & Hobbes

(The following blog entry is written by 10-year-old Emily Shipman, daughter of our CIO Brian Shipman. It is presented here, unedited and unaided. Perhaps we have a new contributor!) My dad (who works for Heritage) and I