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Lists that Makes Sense: Rare 1950s War Comic Books

In January of this year, I had to grade some War books. This did not particularly thrill me, as I am not too much of a War fan, leaning more towards the Pre-Code Horror and

Lists That Makes Cents: Best Comic Book Covers with American Flags

With Memorial Day and the 75th anniversary of D-Day earlier this year, and Fourth of July just passed, I think this is the perfect time for my next list that makes cents. Let us focus

Judith Leiber cupcake minaudiere designer handbag

For the Love of Leiber, Taking the Dull out of “Adulting”

When the movie, Sex and the City, featured Charlotte’s daughter, Lily, carrying a pink cupcake minaudière, it sparked a new generation of love for Judith Leiber’s Swarovski covered handbags. The confectionery cuteness has become one

The Art of the Game_ Original Art from Don Bluth’s Groundbreaking Dragon’s Lair

The Art of the Game: Original Art from Don Bluth’s Groundbreaking Dragon’s Lair

Are video games art? This question has been cause for much conversation and debate in video gaming circles for decades. And today, many have come to a common answer: yes, of course. With video game

The World of Animated Superheroes

Superheroes have been a part of our Pop Culture history since 1938, the year Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1. As a kid, I grew up loving superhero comic books. Although my tastes

Summer Essentials for Every Collector from Heritage Auctions

Summer Essentials for Every Collector from Heritage Auctions

Event season is upon us, and Heritage Auctions’ has curated a few summer essentials for every type of collector. As a souvenir of your vacation in Paris:   For a more sophisticated lemonade stand:  

A New Tim Burton Art Exhibit Coming to Las Vegas Stirs Interest in Early Artwork

Tim Burton Early Artwork for Sale

Tim Burton has certainly come a long way from his days at the California Institute of the Arts, where he created his first student films. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Animation Art and Cels Bid

Lists that Make Cents: Valiant Comics – Pre-Unity Books You Should Buy

By the time the 1990s rolled around, I was looking to fresh ideas and artwork for my addiction… ummm I mean comic collecting needs. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Comics Bid or buy comic books

Lists that Make Cents: Comic Books with Box Office Smashes

In 1989, something miraculous happened. That year, Batman arrived in the theatres. While the movie itself was good, that is not what the miracle really was. It was the first time the comics saw how

Newell Convers Wyeth: Father of American Illustration, Patriarch of ‘First Family of American Art’

If Howard Pyle is considered the “Grandfather of American illustration,” then his arguably most successful student, Newell Convers Wyeth, would have to be thought of as the “Father.” Illustrating more than 112 books, including Treasure