Article Type: Auction Preview

antoine blanchard painting

Original Antoine Blanchard Paintings Must Be Authenticated by Signature

Read how to tell an authentic Antoine Blanchard painting, and preview an original painting for sale in June 2020.

1855 type 2 gold proof dollar

1855 Type 2 Gold Proof Dollar Best of 7 Confirmed

One of only seven confirmed examples of an 1855 Type 2 gold proof coin is for sale at auction January 8-13, 2020. This rare coin has provenance dating back to 1864.

flinstones marx playset

Rare Vintage Marx Playsets are Best in Existence

Yabba Dabba Doo! Classic Flintstones and Other Rare Vintage 1950s-‘60s Marx Playsets in Excellent Condition Hit the Market in Heritage’s Animation Auction

smurf village with smurfette and some other smurfette I don't know

Smurfs Memorabilia for Sale from Lucille Bliss Voice of Smurfette

The Smurfs TV show memorabilia for sale from NBC Studios in New York, Cinderella toys, plus Disney publicity stills offered at auction from the collection of Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette. Bidding opens November 25, 2019.

down on the farm book cover art

Lost Trove of Samuel Lowe Children’s Book Art Paints a Picture of a Bygone Era

Stash of collectible children’s books for sale. Hundreds of unused coloring books, puzzle books, paper doll books found in dusty warehouse. Bidding starts Sept 30, 2019 and continues across various auctions through the fall.

Antique Tiffany Sterling Silver Bonbon Server for Sale

This beautiful and intricate sterling silver Tiffany bonbon serving spoon is an amazing piece of functional art and is offered for sale by Heritage Auctions. Bidding begins October 17, 2019.

Vintage Lalique Bespoke Car Mascots for Sale at Auction

Rene Lalique made the best art deco bespoke car mascots AKA hood ornaments starting in the 1920s. Heritage Auctions will sell many in a November 2019 auction.

bugs bunny animation art cel

Vintage Animation Art Auction Features Lost Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny and More

Bugs Bunny and Other Classic Cartoon Characters Star in a Treasure Trove of “Lost” Vintage Animation Art for Sale at Heritage Auctions Once-in-a-lifetime auction is December 14, 2019, with artwork displayed at Heritage Auctions in

Yellowstone Treasures for Sale at Auction

Read about Yellowstone National Park and two featured items for sale associated with Yellowstone.

Rare Robert Frank Photographs for Sale

Original Robert Frank photographs are for sale at the October 4th auction. Bidding open now!