Bob Dylan Gave His Best Friend the Best Seat in the House and Now It Can Be Yours

Louie Kemp is also offering extraordinary keepsakes from Rolling Thunder Revue, which he produced, through Heritage Auctions


Own Proof of a Beatles Reunion Offer from 1976

For sale at auction is the 1976 Western Union Mailgram offering The Beatles $50 million to reunite.

alice in chains concert poster

Alice in Chains Original Concert Posters – from Glam to Grunge

Early Alice in Chains original concert posters follow band from glam rock joke to grunge titans.

magic the gathering

Magic: The Gathering – Nostalgia Driving Prices Into Five Figures

Magic: The Gathering values are taking off! Interview with Ben Bleiweiss on the secondary market for cards and memorabilia.

Rare as a moon landing, a copy of the Mercury Seven’s 1962 book signed by 32 astronauts

‘A complete space autograph collection in one volume,’ from Alan Shepard and John Glenn to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

She got the Chicago Bulls jersey off Dennis Rodman’s back and now it can be yours

Dennis Rodman Game-Worn Chicago Bulls Jersey for Sale at 2020 May 24 Sunday Sports Collectibles Weekly Online Auction #152021.

So How Much Are My Sports Cards Worth Anyway?

No idea – but we are happy to help you find out (even if you don’t want to sell them)

The David Hall T206 Collection Part IV

More incredible auction results from the most complete set of “The Monster”.


Salvador Dali Original Lithographs with Approachable Prices for Sale at Auction

Art collectors can acquire an original Salvador Dali print at an affordable price.

1894 football team

What Was the First Football Trading Card Set?

Read the fascinating history of the first football trading card set, and see the #1 current finest near-complete set for sale.