Heritage Guide to Collecting Be@rbricks

Everything you need to know to get started collecting Be@rbricks!

CAL quarter eagle featured image

1848 CAL Quarter Eagle Price Guide

Why is the 1848 CAL Gold Quarter Eagle considered the first US commemorative coin, and how much is it worth? Read about the history and value of this unique coin.

Ruth Asawa Sculpture Value – A Guide for Art Collectors

How much is Ruth Asawa art worth, and what is her most expensive sculpture? Read more about this sculptor, painter and print maker.

brockage coin error featured

Brockage Coin Value Guide – How Much is a Brockage Error Coin Worth?

A guide to collecting and finding the value of brockage error coins, where to get an appraisal, and how to sell your brockage coin.


A Brief History of Pin-Up Art: Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvgren is considered the most successful Pin-Up artist of the 20th Century. Elvgren applied the commercial mass appeal of advertisement art and the hint of humour to Pin-Up creating images that encapsulate a time and place in American history.

petty girl

A Brief History of Pin-Up Art: George Petty

The popularity of the Petty Girl changed not only Pin-Up art, but the concept of American Beauty. A beautiful woman with elongated limbs often dangling a telephone with a flirtatious smile, George Petty created a

varga featured

A Brief History of Pin-Up Art: Alberto Vargas

Alberto Vargas career highlights the low and highs of Pin-Up art within the last 100 years as well as its cultural effects on American societal norms. From Ziegfeld Follies to Esquire to Playboy, Vargas captured the imagination of the nation with a touch of glamour.

bob merrill

Chief Auctioneer Bob Merrill Retires After 43 Years

Congratulations and thank you to Bob Merrill, Chief Auctioneer on retiring after 40 years at Heritage Auctions.

antoine blanchard painting

Original Antoine Blanchard Paintings Must Be Authenticated by Signature

Read how to tell an authentic Antoine Blanchard painting, and preview an original painting for sale in June 2020.

fractional California gold coin

California Fractional Gold Half Dollar Part of Gold Rush History

California fractional gold coins from the gold rush era are highly sought-after by coin collectors. A round 1853 Arms of California type gold half dollar is expected to sell for around $10,000 despite being quite a bit smaller than a dime!