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pure evil

How Much is Pure Evil Art Worth?

Who is contemporary artist Pure Evil, and how much is his art worth? How does Pure Evil compare to urban artist Alec Monopoly?

del monte note

How Much is the Del Monte Error Note Worth?

The fascinating story of a US twenty dollar bill with its own Wikipedia page. Learn the history and value of this collectible error note.

alex monopoly

How Much is Alec Monopoly Art Worth? A Collector’s Price Guide

How much are original paintings and prints by Alec Monopoly worth? Browse his work, view past sale prices, and get notified of new works for sale.


How Much is Takashi Murakami Art Worth? Lookup Painting Values

This art collector’s guide to Takashi Murakami explores the artist’s style and the value of his works across various mediums and themes.

beatles butcher cover

How Much is the Original Beatles Butcher Album Cover Worth?

What is The Beatles butcher album cover, how many were made, and how much is it worth?

1992 penny with close AM

How to ID the Rare 1992 Penny with Close AM

What is a penny with a “close AM”, and how much is it worth?

Currency Newsletter Sept 10, 2020

This is the September 10, 2020 currency newsletter.

How Much are Diego Rivera Original Paintings Worth?

Want to get started collecting Diego Rivera original paintings? An important but approachable original painting is for sale by Heritage Auctions, on May 21, 2020.

comic art Egyptian queen

What is the Most Expensive US Comic Book Art Sold At Auction?

What is the most expensive US comic book art sold at auction, and how much are original comic illustrations worth?

1933 Indian

Is It Legal to Own a 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle Coin?

Only 37 coins remain from a minting of 312,000 1933 Indian head gold eagles. What makes it so special, and what’s it worth?