Beyond Fantasy: The Career of Frank Frazetta

Every true fantasy fan knows the name, Frazetta, but the prodigious artist is known for much more. From comic art to corporate logos, album covers to movie production, Frank Frazetta had his hand in all

Record-Breaking Spider-Man Original Art by John Romita, Sr.

Collectors searching for the value of vintage Spider-Man comic books may be shocked to learn original cover art featuring the Marvel superhero can sell for $150,000-250,000. One such piece – John Romita Sr.’s original cover

Marilyn Monroe Photos Showcase Classic Film Roles

As her white flowy dress blows up from the air below, Marilyn Monroe quickly pushes the dress down, smiling cheekily at the camera. We’ve all seen this photo. Without fail, Monroe has provided the world

Proving Provenance: Your Collectible’s Story

In the 1950s, the average American home had a piece of furniture called a telephone table, a simple wooden seat with an attached ledge to place the family’s rotary dial phone. You can easily find

The Easiest Way To Land A Birkin Without Ever Being On A List

Back in 2001, when Samantha Jones famously tried to bypass the legendary Hermes waiting list during Sex and the City’s fictional “Birkin” episode, a saga exploded across the fashion landscape. The conversation following that season

Black Panther: From Comic Pages To Feature Film Star

“Introducing the Sensational Black Panther!” That was the cover blurb on Fantastic Four #52 in 1966 … and sensational he was. A fantastic creation from the head of Jack Kirby, refined by the writing of

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Athletes have numerous reasons for putting themselves through the years of training and the pain of injuries in order to play their particular sports. For almost all of them, one reason that appears at or

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Hermes handbag collections are as individual as the collectors themselves. While quintessential pieces should always be included when creating an enviable and wearable wardrobe, the trend towards exceptional and rare leads the charge for 2018.

Five for Friday: Record-Setting Art

The 2017 calendar year was extraordinary at Heritage Auctions, as a slew of records fell, offering further evidence of Heritage’s ascent through the art auction world and solid status as a place to acquire extraordinary

Five for Friday: Gift Ideas for Collectors of All Kinds

The end of the calendar year means so many different things to different people, whether that means an extended visit with family, a holiday religious service or hours spent scanning the sky for a sleigh