Can You Still Buy an Original Andy Warhol Print?

Two exclusive Andy Warhol prints are featured in the auction that also includes works from Chagall and Picasso. Preview all works in the October 22 fine art auction.

Marion Post Wolcott Photographs for Sale August 21st Auction

Marion Post Wolcott photographs for sale at auction, Bidding ends August 21, 2019. A group of five photos from the lost days of Florida.

Lists That Makes Cents: Best Comic Book Covers with American Flags

With Memorial Day and the 75th anniversary of D-Day earlier this year, and Fourth of July just passed, I think this is the perfect time for my next list that makes cents. Let us focus

Judith Leiber cupcake minaudiere designer handbag

For the Love of Leiber, Taking the Dull out of “Adulting”

When the movie, Sex and the City, featured Charlotte’s daughter, Lily, carrying a pink cupcake minaudière, it sparked a new generation of love for Judith Leiber’s Swarovski covered handbags. The confectionery cuteness has become one

Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment_

Collecting Guide – Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment?

“A watch can be a good investment, but like investing in cars, wine, art or any other tangible asset, it takes real expertise to make real money. If you are interested in a watch that

picture of a silver certificate

How Much is a One Dollar Silver Certificate Worth?

Most 1935 to 1957 series Silver Certificates are worth a small premium over face value. Circulated examples can sell for $1.25 to $1.50 each, while uncirculated $1 Silver Certificates are worth $2 to $4 each.

Filled Die Error Coins Value Guide – What’s Missing?

Have you ever found a coin in change that is missing part of the design or any of the lettering? Did you wonder what sort of error or variety this might be? Find the value

The Art of the Game_ Original Art from Don Bluth’s Groundbreaking Dragon’s Lair

The Art of the Game: Original Art from Don Bluth’s Groundbreaking Dragon’s Lair

Are video games art? This question has been cause for much conversation and debate in video gaming circles for decades. And today, many have come to a common answer: yes, of course. With video game

The World of Animated Superheroes

Superheroes have been a part of our Pop Culture history since 1938, the year Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1. As a kid, I grew up loving superhero comic books. Although my tastes

The Simpsons – America’s Longest Running Animated Series (And Still Going Strong)

The Simpsons – America’s Longest Running Animated Series (And Still Going Strong)

They are the family that everyone with a television set knows by name: Homer, the donut-loving, slightly dim-witted head of the clan; Marge, his blue bouffant-haired wife with the screechy voice; Bart, the happy-go-lucky troublemaking