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How Valuable is Your Double Cover Comic Book?

What is a Double Cover Comic? Double covers are one of the most collectible comic defects. A double cover occurs due to a factory binding mishap where two or more covers are rolled together and

Sports Autographs_ Indicators of a Fake Signature - Heritage Auctions

Sports Autographs: Indicators of a Fake Signature

Autographs mean different things to different people. For some, they are reminders of chance encounters with childhood heroes, or of hours spent waiting to meet – even if only for a couple of seconds –

Coin Care for the Collector

Coin Care for the Collector

Acquiring old coins, whether through pure chance or a shrewd purchase, can generate immediate excitement, and can lay the foundation for a lifetime of collecting, regardless of whether the new prize is the first acquisition

Furnishing Your Home with Collectible Investment Pieces

They say that buying a house is one of the most stressful events a person can experience in their lifetime. Recently, I decided to rush a few of these milestone moments into a span of

Types of Fine Art Paper Damage

Paper Art Damage 101: Types of Deterioration and Improper Preservation

Mat burn, foxing, UV exposure, grime- all of these are incredibly harmful to your art work on paper but they are also rather ambiguous terms sometimes. What exactly is mat burn, how do I protect

How to Tell the Difference Between Different Types of Art Prints

The print-making process was designed for one reason: to sell reproductions of an artists’ work as far as the market would bear. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Fine Art – Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures Bid or

Collector’s Guide: Why Collect Hair?

Imagine asking a celebrity for a lock of their hair instead of an autograph? While it may come off as an obscure hobby, collecting hair from political figures, musicians, entertainers and even animals is not

Price Guide for Real and Replica Sports Championship Rings

It was recently reported by’s sports business writer Darren Rovell – Cubs World Series title rings doing big business for Jostens – that interest in the Chicago Cubs’ World Series championship rings have been

How to Clean and Polish Antique Silver Without Reducing Value

A quick internet search will give two or three fast ways to clean and polish silver. Unfortunately, all of them could be removing value along with the tarnish, which is why the most commonly touted

Collecting by Theme: Going Beyond the Date Set

One particular style of collecting coins is so typical and familiar that even non-collectors are often aware of it. Placing one coin of each date and mintmark into a book or album is an image