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Walking Sticks, Figureheads and Longhorns – Oh My!

Four times a year, Heritage Auctions hosts a Fine & Decorative Arts auction alongside our specialized Signature Auctions. Each Fine & Decorative Arts auction hosts a myriad of gorgeous antique furniture, museum quality art, decorative

Wine Regions of the World: Spotlight Burgundy

Burgundy, at its roots, is the motherland of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In modern times, it has become one of the singularly important zones of the wine world, and one that seems to be the

Seldom Seen Selections: 1879 Flowing Hair Stellas struck in Aluminum and Copper

In an effort to provide yet another outlet for the vast quantities of silver being mined in the western United States, John Adam Kasson proposed a four dollar gold piece, or Stella, which would be

Five for Friday: Gifts for The Gentleman Collector- Charles Schalebaum’s Vintage Models

The upcoming Fine and Decorative Arts Auction featuring The Gentleman Collector Signature Auction Sept. 22-25 will feature some of the most interesting aeronautical, automotive and nautical vintage model collectibles from legendary dealer and collector Charles

Types of Fine Art Paper Damage

Paper Art Damage 101: Types of Deterioration and Improper Preservation

Mat burn, foxing, UV exposure, grime- all of these are incredibly harmful to your art work on paper but they are also rather ambiguous terms sometimes. What exactly is mat burn, how do I protect


Five For Friday: American Historical Items sold at Auction

Important historical items regularly come up for auction, so a full list of lots is extensive. Artifacts from the Titanic, all manner of wars from across the world, ancient tribal and pre-Columbian artifacts and iconic

Five for Friday: Fine Art for Beginner Collectors

The upcoming Fine Art Online Auction August 8 is a perfect opportunity for a beginning collector or anyone interested in adding original artwork to their collection. The sale features a number of beautiful European works,

Five for the Fourth: Independence Day Collectibles

Heritage Auctions has sold more than 400 items with a tie to Independence Day. From historical to sports to decorative arts the scope of pieces that relate to July 4th is impressive and eccentric. Here

Tales & Treasures of “The Fighting Doctor”: Charles B. Ewing

Hidden under a group of lovely but very unassuming lots is a history so rich, it is rather mind-blowing. Every piece of Native American, Pre-Columbian or Tribal art has its own unique and interesting history,

Five for Friday: Famous Movie Shoes Leave Their Mark

When movie fans think of props, and especially shoes, there are specific scenes that leap to the front of just about everyone’s memory. The ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella’s glass slipper and