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Specialist Picks: Spring Prints & Multiples

Heritage Auctions’ April 17 Prints & Multiples Auction has several standout works. From stunning Ellsworth Kelly lithographs to Andy Warhol’s most celebrated series, there are prints that appeal to a wide range of tastes and

Bryan Money and the Fight for Free Silver

Bryan dollars were struck during the 1896 and 1900 presidential campaigns by eastern silversmiths to promote the “free silver” agenda of Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan. Today, each piece tells the story of the socio-economic

Specialists’ Picks: Modern & Contemporary Art Prints

Modern and contemporary art comes in many forms, and therefore appeals to people in many different ways. That variety is on full display in Heritage Auctions’ March 27 Online Prints & Multiples Auction. Two of

When Superheroes Leap From Big Screen To Fine Art

Superheroes are fictional personas that inspire us to be our ideal selves and fight for justice and a better society. They, along with other comic book characters, have always been present in contemporary art, a theme that carries

Collecting KAWS Art – Interview with KAWS Collector Ronnie K Pirovino

Ronnie K. Pirovino has been collecting KAWS artwork and collectibles since 2003, amassing one of the world’s largest KAWS collections. He is also an active member of the contemporary art community, appraising collections and curating

The Value of Proving Provenance of Your Collectible – Elvis Presley Examples

In the 1950s, the average American home had a piece of furniture called a telephone table, a simple wooden seat with an attached ledge to place the family’s rotary dial phone. You can easily find

Do Celebrities Get Free Birkin Handbags from Hermes?

Back in 2001, when Samantha Jones famously tried to bypass the legendary Hermes waiting list during Sex and the City’s fictional “Birkin” episode, a saga exploded across the fashion landscape. Buy, Value or Appraise Your

The Top 11 Hermes Handbags for Your Collection

Hermes handbag collections are as individual as the collectors themselves. While quintessential pieces should always be included when creating an enviable and wearable wardrobe, the trend towards exceptional and rare leads the charge for 2018.

Yankee Memorabilia from the Greatest Legends to Wear Pinstripes

Known first as the Baltimore Orioles, then the New York Highlanders, the team now known as the New York Yankees have proven themselves over the last century (and a decade more) to be the most

How Valuable is Your Double Cover Comic Book?

What is a Double Cover Comic? Double covers are one of the most collectible comic defects. A double cover occurs due to a factory binding mishap where two or more covers are rolled together and