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Pin-Ups and Handbags: Thinking Like a Collector

Working at a place like Heritage I’ve learned a few things. My knowledge has been broadened in subjects far beyond what I ever thought I would ever have the opportunity, or the inclination, to learn, like how a classic pin-up can lead me straight into the lap of luxury – luxury accessories, that is.

Susan B Anthony Dollar, Heritage Auctions,

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar and History Lived

When the Susan B. Anthony dollars were released to commerce they were considered an absolute failure. The quarter-sized dollars got confused with the existing coins, even West German businesses didn’t want Susan B. Anthony dollars.


The Golden Age of Comic Reprints

Just recently, I received a big box filled with books from one of my favorite publishers, Fantagraphics. This company, which has been around for years, publishing everything from The Comic Journal and Amazing Heroes (trade


The National Sports Collectors Convention – Top names in the hobby look back

  Continuing with yesterday’s theme, I asked a few of my hobby friends what their thoughts were regarding the differences in the National between now and the past. Feel free to add your own in the comments


My First National Sports Collectors Convention

It took months of convincing my old man, but as a 15-year-old I was able to make the five-hour trip from my hometown of Marinette, WI to the Windy City for the 1993 National Sports


Shagreen and Art Deco’s “Great Gatsby” moment

With the anticipation that built up to the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby this year, Art Deco is having a revival moment – not that it ever really goes out of style. It seems


“The Wolverine,” a review

 (Thinking of checking out “The Wolverine” this weekend to get your latest Super Hero movie fix? Gary Dowell, one of Heritage’s Jack-of-All-Trades catalogers and experts – working across the comics, comics art and Music & Entertainment categories


The Coin Geek: a Potentially Staggering Loss in the Art World

(A mother’s act of love in defending the crime of her child? Or an even worse crime than the one she was trying to cover? Those are the questions that hit me, and likely millions