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David Tosh is a cataloger for the Animation Art department. He is also the author of Rise of the Superheroes: Greatest Silver Age Comic Books and Characters and editor of the Eisner Award-nominated Walt Kelly’s Fables and Funnies. His most recent book is Jumbo Mumbo.

flinstones marx playset

Rare Vintage Marx Playsets are Best in Existence

Yabba Dabba Doo! Classic Flintstones and Other Rare Vintage 1950s-‘60s Marx Playsets in Excellent Condition Hit the Market in Heritage’s Animation Auction

smurf village with smurfette and some other smurfette I don't know

Smurfs Memorabilia for Sale from Lucille Bliss Voice of Smurfette

The Smurfs TV show memorabilia for sale from NBC Studios in New York, Cinderella toys, plus Disney publicity stills offered at auction from the collection of Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette. Bidding opens November 25, 2019.

down on the farm book cover art

Lost Trove of Samuel Lowe Children’s Book Art Paints a Picture of a Bygone Era

Stash of collectible children’s books for sale. Hundreds of unused coloring books, puzzle books, paper doll books found in dusty warehouse. Bidding starts Sept 30, 2019 and continues across various auctions through the fall.

bugs bunny animation art cel

Vintage Animation Art Auction Features Lost Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny and More

Bugs Bunny and Other Classic Cartoon Characters Star in a Treasure Trove of “Lost” Vintage Animation Art for Sale at Heritage Auctions Once-in-a-lifetime auction is December 14, 2019, with artwork displayed at Heritage Auctions in

The World of Animated Superheroes

Superheroes have been a part of our Pop Culture history since 1938, the year Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1. As a kid, I grew up loving superhero comic books. Although my tastes

The Simpsons – America’s Longest Running Animated Series (And Still Going Strong)

The Simpsons – America’s Longest Running Animated Series (And Still Going Strong)

They are the family that everyone with a television set knows by name: Homer, the donut-loving, slightly dim-witted head of the clan; Marge, his blue bouffant-haired wife with the screechy voice; Bart, the happy-go-lucky troublemaking

Aladdin and The Lion King Live Action Remakes and the Original Animated Classics

Have you seen the new live-action version of Aladdin? I haven’t, but I find it quite interesting, and I’m curious as to how it compares with Disney’s original animated classic. If anyone can play the

Walt Disney’s Dumbo, Then and Now

Walt Disney’s Dumbo, Then and Now

On March 11, 2019, Tim Burton’s live-action/animated remake of Dumbo made its special Los Angeles premiere. The film loosely retells the story from Disney’s 1941 original, but without talking animals; instead, the film’s focus is

A New Tim Burton Art Exhibit Coming to Las Vegas Stirs Interest in Early Artwork

Tim Burton Early Artwork for Sale

Tim Burton has certainly come a long way from his days at the California Institute of the Arts, where he created his first student films. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Animation Art and Cels Bid

One of the Largest and Best Collections of Original Lady and the Tramp Artwork Coming to Auction

Walt Disney’s classic 1955 animated feature Lady and the Tramp has endured as a favorite among cartoon aficionados for being the sweetest and most romantic of all the Disney films up to that date. This