Month: April 2017

Real or Replica: Buying The Perfect Championship Ring

It was recently reported by’s sports business writer Darren Rovell – Cubs World Series title rings doing big business for Jostens – that interest in the Chicago Cubs’ World Series championship rings have been

Five for Friday: Ansel Adams’ Photography Work Stands Test of Time

This week’s Five for Friday looks at a quintet of offerings from Ansel Adams, who is considered one of the greatest landscape photographers who ever lived, that will be among the images available May 18

The Beauty and Collectability of Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is some of the most beautiful of all varieties of fossils, and only a small percentage can be cut and polished into spectacular pieces of various sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Collectors prize

“Out of This World:” Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorites are definitely one of the most interesting varieties of specimens that can be found on earth. With their extraterrestrial origins, any pieces which are found – especially those associated with popular and classified falls

Working Model of The Statue of Liberty Discovered in Dallas

The Statue of Liberty has always been my favorite representation of American values. Her tablet, commemorating the date of our independence, and Emma Lazarus’ famous sonnet, New Colossus (affixed to The Statue’s base), which gave

God, The 10 Commandments and Honus Wagner: Donated Items Raise Funds Through Heritage Auctions

It was a century old, creased and someone long ago had coated it with shellac, but the small baseball card was a previously unreported example of the legendary and valuable 1909 T-206 series Honus Wagner

Art Specialist Picks: American Art

Alissa Ford Director, California & Western Art, San Francisco Creek at Twilight of 1927 is truly an awe-inspiring tour-de-force of Sandzen’s oeuvre. It perfectly typifies the artist at his best: a great composition and palette,

Five For Friday: Historic Wars & Creative Geniuses

This week’s Five For Friday covers the rich diversity in the May 10-11 Historical Manuscripts Auction, spanning the Civil and World Wars and the creative geniuses who shaped a nation. 1.  Frank Lloyd Wright Archive

How to Clean and Polish Silver the Heritage Way

A quick internet search will give two or three fast ways to clean and polish silver. Unfortunately, all of them could be removing value along with the tarnish, which is why the most commonly touted

Marvel-Inspired Netflix Shows Generate Surge in Comic Collecting

Daredevil. Punisher. Iron Fist. The Defenders. For every Netflix show that debuts from Marvel Studios, comics fans can trace the characters back to the books they love. From the famous to the obscure, here is