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magic the gathering

Magic: The Gathering – Nostalgia Driving Prices Into Five Figures

Magic: The Gathering values are taking off! Interview with Ben Bleiweiss on the secondary market for cards and memorabilia.

Record-Breaking Spider-Man Original Art by John Romita, Sr.

Collectors searching for the value of vintage Spider-Man comic books may be shocked to learn original cover art featuring the Marvel superhero can sell for $150,000-250,000. One such piece – John Romita Sr.’s original cover

Hot Lots to Watch: Hong Kong International Currency & Coin Auctions

A growing number of international currency collectors have focused their attention on rare items from the Republic of China. Hundreds of these rare specimens highlight Heritage Auctions’ upcoming currency and coin auctions held in conjunction

Five Top Fine Timepieces to Watch

The relationship you have with your watch (or watches) is unique. Both fashion statements and practical tools, today’s most expensive and luxurious watches exude style and technology unmatched by any other designer accessory. Although a

Five for Friday: Rare Artifacts from American Literature

The scope of American Literature encompasses more than just the books written by our most famous American authors; it also includes the personal artifacts belonging to these authors that give insight into their personal lives.

The Coin That Shouldn’t Exist

As I watched a hush fall over the crowd, the auctioneer opened the lot for one of the most famous and sought-after error coins of all time. In front of a packed Platinum Night auction

Five for Friday: Movie Posters Give 5 Reasons to Scream

Few people would associate Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein monster, the possession of Carole Lombard and Peter Cushing’s creepy depiction of Count Dracula with the word “beautiful.” Yet the chilling horror films they made famous produced some

How to Tell the Difference Between Different Types of Art Prints

The print-making process was designed for one reason: to sell reproductions of an artists’ work as far as the market would bear. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Fine Art – Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures Bid or

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment

Estate Sale Find Sells for Over 10x Purchase Price

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment The estate sale description was impossible to resist: “It’s not every day you see an estate sale from a 100-year-old lady; she has an amazing

5 Incredible and Valuable Treasures Found Barns and Attics

5 Incredible and Valuable Treasures Found in Barns and Attics

The history of fine art and collectibles is filled with stories of treasures found in attics, basements, closets, and other unlikely places. The fantasy for every collector, the media loves these types of stories and