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Five for Friday: Charles Guiteau – Inside the Mind of a Killer

This week’s Five for Friday looks inside the mind of a killer. An important private collection of artifacts and documents relating to the Presidential assassin Charles Guiteau have been uncovered, including a newly discovered manifesto

Working Model of The Statue of Liberty Discovered in Dallas

The Statue of Liberty has always been my favorite representation of American values. Her tablet, commemorating the date of our independence, and Emma Lazarus’ famous sonnet, New Colossus (affixed to The Statue’s base), which gave

Five For Friday: Historic Wars & Creative Geniuses

This week’s Five For Friday covers the rich diversity in the May 10-11 Historical Manuscripts Auction, spanning the Civil and World Wars and the creative geniuses who shaped a nation. 1.  Frank Lloyd Wright Archive

How to Clean and Polish Antique Silver Without Reducing Value

A quick internet search will give two or three fast ways to clean and polish silver. Unfortunately, all of them could be removing value along with the tarnish, which is why the most commonly touted

Marvel-Inspired Netflix Shows Generate Surge in Comic Collecting

Daredevil. Punisher. Iron Fist. The Defenders. For every Netflix show that debuts from Marvel Studios, comics fans can trace the characters back to the books they love. From the famous to the obscure, here is

Collecting Your Hometown in Obsolete Banknotes

Eagle River. Marquette. Jackson.  The city names may sound obscure to most people, but to me and vintage currency collectors they are as familiar as apple pie. As a Michigander (a “Yooper” by birth) it’s


What’s Rockin’ in the World of Protective Polyethylene

Short of the Sears Wish Book or your latest auction catalog, collectors love paging through the latest catalog for Bags Unlimited, a collector’s clearinghouse for preservation supplies.

“Star Blecch,” or why are Captain Kirk and Spock smiling like that?

What’s stopping Captain Kirk and Spock from saving the universe? MAD magazine! You can read the MAD magazine spoof “Star Bleech” from the high-resolution images of the original art.

Chaos and Elkington Owls

Aestheticism is the Rodney Dangerfield of design movements: It can’t get no respect. Vintage English silver cups are quite common but examples from the Aesthetic Movement, decorated with owls, moons, stars and exotic plants, are the oddballs of the graphic design world and have a unique beauty if you look for it.


A Painting Comes in from the Cold

Appraisal events are funny things. I’ve had the opportunity to be on both sides of the table and it’s equally thrilling. The most entertaining and interesting stories are from people’s families and the objects that have passed down from generation to generation. Surprisingly, those objects are not always beloved – or even wanted.