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Minting Mistakes: Error Coins and Their Collectability

By: Sarah Miller A basic understanding of coin collecting reveals that condition, date, and scarcity are all key components of what makes a coin collectible. One area of collecting, however, focuses on mistakes made by the mint, or “error coins.” Even if a coin is an otherwise common year, it may be a valuable piece […]

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Malachite: The Mirror of the Soul

By: Brittany Nalley Naturally, Malachite immediately caught my eye because its beautiful green color, which so happens to be my favorite color. Growing up my brother and I were the outdoorsy children. We would always love going outside and have little scavenger hunts for rocks and shells. We always loved finding neat stones with bright […]

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Photo Bootcamp

Join Us For Photography Bootcamps!

Back by popular demand! Join us for a full day collecting photography ‘bootcamp’ … perfect for the nascent to the more seasoned collector or the photographer looking to learn the dynamics of the marketplace. Buying photography will never again be a mystery! The morning session includes practical tips on where and how to collect photography […]

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