Challenges and Coinage in Early America

By Sarah Miller: With the ease of today’s credit or debit cards and a seemingly endless supply of change collecting in our desk drawers and back pockets, it can be difficult to imagine that early Americans once did not have enough coins in circulation to complete the simplest of transactions. However, the lack of circulating coinage […]

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Bar-B-Que Guns

By Michael Morgan: For as long as humankind has been carrying weapons, people have been decorating them. Early designs were attempts to add a magical power to the piece. Later efforts were intended to beautify, and to show off the wealth and status of the owner. Elaborately embellished weaponry became a form of male jewelry […]

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A Wedgwood Partial Service: The Thrill of the Hunt

By Catherine Rigdon: If you flip to the mid-section of our upcoming Fine & Decorative Arts Sale, you will find this quite peculiar moth-centric dining service.  Here at Heritage’s Art Annex we have a special fondness for the moth, as we often pull our tired bodies to the Meddlesome Moth to fix our palates with […]

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To Hold the World in your Hand

By Katie Nartonis The upcoming Fine and Decorative Art Auction #5218, slated for sale on the Heritage auction block from June 19-21, reveals an interesting visual and decorative thread. Three of the pieces offered in this sale jump out as exceptional examples of the use of natural form as decoration. Even more intriguing, these examples […]

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Frank Reaugh: Dean of Texas Artists

By Holly Culbreath: Often referred to as the “Dean of Texas Artists,” Frank Reaugh became a pillar in the foundation of Texas art, developing and influencing the art communities in Dallas and Fort Worth as both painter and teacher. If you have ever seen a Frank Reaugh, you might find it difficult to believe he […]

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Castillo Family

Castillo: Three Generations of Silversmiths

By Karen Rigdon: Beautifully designed and crafted silver runs through the veins of the Castillo family.  The patriarch, Antonio, bestowed his passion for design and working in silver on his daughter Emilia, and then in turn to his granddaughter Cristina.  The work of these three silversmiths displays an evolution in form and technique that has […]

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The Panama Pacific commemorative gold and silver coins

The Panama Pacific Centennial

By Sarah Miller: A beloved set of United States commemorative coins turns 100 this year. The Panama Pacific commemorative gold and silver coins, affectionately nicknamed “commems” by dealers and collectors, were produced in limited numbers in 1915 to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal and the corresponding Panama Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco, […]

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Once Upon a Remake: Cinderella (2015)

By Holly Culbreath It was with much trepidation that I came to Disney’s live-action Cinderella, considering the live-action remake of Sleeping Beauty disfigured the original beyond recognition.  Thankfully, director Kenneth Branagh handles his source material with a gentler, kinder touch.  Here is a man who understands that when you already have good story, the best […]

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LEGO chair

Everything is Awesome about 20th Century Design

By Holly Culbreath: As an auctioneer, I get to see a lot of cool stuff come to the auction block.  But nothing to date has filled me with the fiendish delight of this LEGO Chair by Droog.  Yes, you read that right – a LEGO Chair – as in a chair made out of LEGOs.  […]

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Time Travel

“Time Travel Exists!”

By Katie Nartonis A new friend fundamentally changed the way I think about the future of time travel, and art, with one short but insightful comment. “ You know, humankind will never actually time travel?” Kirt said, offhandedly. We were at a trade show in Reno, hanging out at the casino bar. “What? I asked, “How’s […]

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