The Fight of the Century

The Boxing Gloves of the Century

By Stewart Huckaby In 1971, I turned ten years old and discovered sports, not necessarily in that order. This was the year of both my first major league baseball game and my first college football game, and it was also the year of the Fight of the Century: Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. The Fight of the Century […]

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Silver Party_ Wager Cup, not Solo Cup

Silver Party: Wager Cup, not Solo Cup

By Catherine Rigdon This past week, I came across an unusual object; she was a lady made of silver, wearing a hollow skirt and holding a small pivoting vessel above her head! She is a wager cup, a popular German party gaiety of the 16th century. In German, a Jungfrauenbecher! The party guest were offered […]

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Peter the mint bird

Peter, the Mint Eagle

By Sarah Miller One of the many quirky facts associated with the early United States Mint is that the Philadelphia coining facility once had a resident Bald Eagle (aka Peter the Mint Eagle). According to the Coinage Act of 1792, also known as the Mint Act, American gold and silver coins were to be designed with […]

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What makes a guitar worth buying?

By Alex Yalen There are millions upon millions of guitars floating about. What is that that forces a guitar into your consciousness and makes you say, “I must own this?” (Obviously, budget is one of the constraints, but that’s a slightly less-than-romantic consideration.) Guitars are meant to be played, to be heard, so my first […]

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Scooby Doo Where Are You? Publicity Cel (Hanna-Barbera, 1969)

Saturday Morning Cartoons on the auction block as Gen-X collectors come of age

By Noah Fleisher I am, ever, a kid of the 1970s, a member of Gen-X. Today I am here to tell you that I love Saturday Morning Cartoons. I mean real Saturday Morning Cartoons. I mean The All-Starr Laff-A-Lympics and The Superfriends. I mean Captain Caveman and The Teen Angels and Schoolhouse Rock. In fact, I […]

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Decorative Arts

The Rebirth of Carousel Panels

By Sallie Baxter Our Saturday Estate auction showcases eight unique hand-painted carousel panels that date back several decades. Carousels became popular in American during the mid to late 19th Century, and early carousels often featured hand-painted panels, similar to these, as well as ornate and bejeweled saddles and animals for children to ride on.     […]

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A Millennial In A Turn of the Century World

Millennials In A Turn Of The Century World

By Catherine Rigdon Just graduating college, a world populated by Millennials and their dialect, I entered the world of silver, vertu, and decorative arts at Heritage Auction Galleries.  Racks of sumptuous silver, large ornate gilt mirrors, hand painted pieces of Continental porcelain:  all objects Millenials just don’t keep in mind when furnishing apartments and townhomes.  […]

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J. Walter Durbin and the Hard Men of Company D

J. Walter Durbin and the Hard Men of the Frontier Battalion

By Bryan Booher I’m a native Texan through and through. I was born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I went to school here, and now I’m raising my children here. Growing up in Texas, it’s hard not to be inundated with tales of the Old West. Westerns were a mainstay in my house […]

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1915-S $50 Panama-Pacific 50 Dollar Octagonal MS67 NGC

Minted History

By Sarah Miller United States commemorative coins, or coins struck especially for collectors in remembrance of a historical person or event, are fascinating to discover due to the wealth of history that has surrounded their existence since the first commemorative half dollar was struck in 1892. Over the years, such coins have been struck in the […]

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Bidders, Start Your Engines: Karl Chiao on Heritage’s Inaugural Automobilia Signature Auction

 With Heritage’s Inaugural Automobilia Signature Auction fast approaching, we sat down with Karl Chiao to give us the inside scoop on its featured lots and his passion for the automobilia category.   By Kelly Kopa “I am a huge car enthusiast and have a large collection of automotive periodicals dating back to the 70’s, along with having gone through a […]

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