Castillo Family

Castillo: Three Generations of Silversmiths

By Karen Rigdon: Beautifully designed and crafted silver runs through the veins of the Castillo family.  The patriarch, Antonio, bestowed his passion for design and working in silver on his daughter Emilia, and then in turn to his granddaughter Cristina.  The work of these three silversmiths displays an evolution in form and technique that has […]

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The Panama Pacific commemorative gold and silver coins

The Panama Pacific Centennial

By Sarah Miller: A beloved set of United States commemorative coins turns 100 this year. The Panama Pacific commemorative gold and silver coins, affectionately nicknamed “commems” by dealers and collectors, were produced in limited numbers in 1915 to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal and the corresponding Panama Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco, […]

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Once Upon a Remake: Cinderella (2015)

By Holly Culbreath It was with much trepidation that I came to Disney’s live-action Cinderella, considering the live-action remake of Sleeping Beauty disfigured the original beyond recognition.  Thankfully, director Kenneth Branagh handles his source material with a gentler, kinder touch.  Here is a man who understands that when you already have good story, the best […]

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