Important Historical Superman Costumes Offered in November 2021 Auction

Three Superman costumes are available for sale at auction November 7, 2021. Outfits from 1948 – 1987 worn by the first Superman on film, Kirk Alyn, plus TV and movie costumes worn by George Reeves and Christopher Reeve.

“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!” From a historical perspective, rarely does one have the opportunity to handle an artifact with such a broad-sweeping influence on popular culture. The cornerstone of The Azarian Collection is a trio of milestone Superman costumes, representing the evolution of the prototypical superhero.

The first of the three costumes is that of Kirk Alyn, who made history by becoming the first actor to star as the “Man of Steel” in the first live-action appearance of the superhero on film for the Superman Columbia serials from 1948 and 1950. This costume consists of a gray knit wool bodysuit with cocoa briefs and a cape which registered well on black & white film.


The next milestone costume was worn by George Reeves, the first actor to portray Superman on television in Adventures of Superman (1952-58), making the superhero a staple in American households in the 1950s. This color costume ensemble consists of a blue wool tunic with a red cape, red briefs with a yellow belt (the first two seasons were shot in black & white and a gray and brown costume was used).


The final version of Superman costume in this sale was worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Reeve is perhaps the generationally best-known actor associated with the role of Superman. Growing up in the 1980s, Reeve is Superman. Period. This costume is complete, except for the belt, including a blue stretch fabric tunic with integral red briefs, leggings, a red cape, and red leather boots.


Without question, Superman is responsible for establishing the superhero archetype – the codename, extraordinary/superhuman abilities, secret identity, selfless/altruistic mission, and, of course, the form-fitting costume with cape.  Indeed, Superman (and his brethren of the genre) are ubiquitous in modern popular culture, influencing literary fiction, artwork, music, as well as film & television. Handling just one of these costumes would be an honor due to their rarity, but it is unheard of to have all three offered in the same sale! All are museum-worthy and will make a lucky collector very happy. Be sure to take a look at these costumes, along with the other incredible pieces in The Azarian Collection, which will be sold on November 7, 2021. Kryptonite will not be accepted as legal tender.

Happy Hunting! 

Brian Chanes

Senior Director, Music and Entertainment

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