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Lists that Make Cents: Best Comic Book Villains of Each Age

Who are the top comic book villains, and when did they appear? Read the top villains from each comic book age.

Lists That Makes Cents – Top L.B. Cole Comic Covers

L.B. Cole has done hundreds of comic book covers. Here are 12 favorites.

Lists that Makes Sense: Rare 1950s War Comic Books

In January of this year, I had to grade some War books. This did not particularly thrill me, as I am not too much of a War fan, leaning more towards the Pre-Code Horror and

Lists That Makes Cents: Best Comic Book Covers with American Flags

With Memorial Day and the 75th anniversary of D-Day earlier this year, and Fourth of July just passed, I think this is the perfect time for my next list that makes cents. Let us focus

Lists that Make Cents: Valiant Comics – Pre-Unity Books You Should Buy

By the time the 1990s rolled around, I was looking to fresh ideas and artwork for my addiction… ummm I mean comic collecting needs. Buy, Value or Appraise Your Comics Bid or buy comic books

Lists that Make Cents: Comic Books with Box Office Smashes

In 1989, something miraculous happened. That year, Batman arrived in the theatres. While the movie itself was good, that is not what the miracle really was. It was the first time the comics saw how

Lists That Make Cents: Top 10 Most Violent Comic Covers

For years, my biggest comic collecting regret has been that I didn’t know or understand how amazing Pre-Code Horror and Crime books were when I was younger. I am not a horror movie junkie. In

Lists That Make Cents: Top 10 Favorite Comic Covers

Just over 40 years ago, my world changed in a way that I would not understand until many years later. My grandfather had his first heart attack. Back then, visiting hours were exactly that, the