How Much is the Del Monte Error Note Worth?

The fascinating story of a US twenty dollar bill with its own Wikipedia page. Learn the history and value of this collectible error note.

Collectors are going bananas over one of the most famous banknote errors in US history. Up for auction January 22nd by Heritage Auctions, the Del Monte Note

When was the Del Monte note printed?

This banana sticker became affixed in the mid-1990s during the printing process at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing facility in Fort Worth”. But instead of being destroyed, it was released into circulation.  

In 2004, a college student discovered the bill in Ohio when he made an ATM withdrawal, it later sold on eBay for ten thousand dollars. 

How much is the Del Monte Note worth?

Heritage Auctions sold the note for $25,300 dollars in 2006, and here it is again 15 years later. It’s now part of Heritage’s FUN Currency Signature Auction.

Preview the Del Monte Note auction and place your bid.

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