Records and Music Memorabilia Headline November 6 Entertainment Auction

Preview vintage concert posters from The Beatles, Elvis, U2, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, plus vintage guitars.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Beatles!!!!!!! . . . and Elvis Presley, Too!

We have some fabulous Beatles rarities coming up in this auction.

A Beatles signed program from A Hard Day’s Night Northern Premiere in Liverpool with a royal telegram from Prince Philip wishing them good luck, an original 1964 8” X 10” press photo with an unused Ticket for the live concert the same night. Plus, four-color photos from the event and other pieces make this an excellent lot in this auction for this special day in the Beatles history. 

Another great Beatle rarity is the promo/DJ sleeve and record for “Please, Please Me” and “From Me To You” on VJ Records. With it being a radio station copy, it is very hard to find in this fantastic condition. 

If this is not enough for you we have Pink Floyd’s first album, The Piper at the Gates Of Dawn, signed by the band, including the incredible singer and songwriter Syd Barrett. We have never had an original mono copy of their first album signed to offer in an auction.

One more great record that we do not see very often is Elvis Presley on the Sun label, the 78 rpm 10-inch disc of “That’s Alright” b/w “Blue Moon Of Kentucky.” This was the King’s first-ever single released in 1954, the beginnings of Rock and Roll. Finding this record in this great condition and with such a clean label makes it suitable for framing. An incredible great piece to have framed on the wall of your music room? Plus, we have three other Sun 78s from Elvis in the same auction. Wow!!

Garry Shrum, Director Music Memorabilia

Texas Is the Reason

I first experienced the Misfits’ signature blend of hardcore punk aggression and macabre B-horror imagery and atmosphere when I was 13 years old. To say my teenage mind was blown is an understatement. From the band’s ghoulish greaser look and fiendish skull-faced mascot to those massive shout-along choruses and infectious melodies, the Misfits were everything I ever wanted in a band. Though I listen to them less than I did in years past, they’ve remained my favorite band to this day.

In addition, it’s been incredible to see the behemoth of collectability the Misfits have become. Records, posters, flyers, and more have gone to fetch massive sums in recent years, far surpassing values attained by most of their punk and hardcore contemporaries. For example, a copy of their first single – “Cough/Cool” b/w “She” – sold on Discogs for a whopping $10,877. The high values reached by Misfits-related rarities in recent years are a testament to the unwavering influence the seminal punk act has had on its fervent fanbase for well over three decades.

When I saw a copy of their second record, the Bullet EP, come across my desk, I was understandably excited. Excited to research the piece, excited to see it kill at auction. Hell, I was excited just to hold it! Records this rare and desirable don’t fall into one’s lap every day.


This 7” record – featuring the controversial title track along with perennial favorites “We Are 138,” “Attitude,” and “Hollywood Babylon” – is a clean first pressing with all the bells and whistles. The lot includes not only the original black vinyl record and hand-screened gatefold sleeve, but the ultra-rare “Bullet” lyric insert as well (featuring a different take on the cover’s infamous blood splatter/JFK motif). If you’re looking to add a spectacular piece to your Misfits collection, this beauty is up for grabs at our November 6 Music Memorabilia Auction.

The Bullet EP isn’t the only example of Misfits memorabilia to be found at Heritage. In our November 7 Vintage Guitars and Musical Instruments Signature Auction we’ve got a gargantuan guitar built by brothers Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein for the band’s show on October 29, 1983 at Detroit’s Greystone Hall.


That gig would be the last time members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein would appear on stage together until they reunited as the original Misfits in 2016. The guitar – which is absolutely massive at over 73” x 36” – is constructed in a beastly black bat motif and has been signed by bassist Jerry Only in white paint pen. Calling all Teenagers from Mars and Astro Zombies!

Jon Steffens, Valuation Specialist/Consignment Director

The Bronco Bowl Lives On

Long before it became the spot for a hardware superstore, there was the Bronco Bowl in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. I never went there after I moved to North Texas in 1998, as I was often at the Galaxy Club, the Gypsy Tea Room, and Trees during those days. But I still hear from people who loved this multi-use venue.

Basically, it was a large venue for bands that weren’t big enough to play Reunion Arena, the Cotton Bowl, or Texas Stadium, but were too big for the Bomb Factory, Deep Ellum Live, and Trees. Pretty much every major artist considered alternative to the mainstream played there. From the Smiths to Coldplay to Bad Religion to Slayer. (Its final show was in the summer of 2003.)

In the 7262 auction, two posters for shows at the famed venue came across my desk for description. I couldn’t help but laugh at the gaffe in the spelling of the venue on this U2 concert poster from 1983. Listed as the “Bronco Bull,” I wonder how this got mixed up in the translation. It’s funny, but it was from U2’s tour behind War, their “comeback” record after their sophomore slump, October (although “Gloria” is a total jam).

Then there is a poster for Texas shows featuring Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Smashing Pumpkins in 1991. The Dallas stop is at, you guessed it, the Bronco Bowl. The psychedelic design is a throwback to the ones from the 1960s, but there is a modern spin on it with the colors. Imagine seeing three future headliners all on one night. That’s incredible!


As we’re celebrating 30 years of Nirvana’s Nevermind (and the quick and powerful impact it had on pop culture) in 2021, I don’t feel old. My memories of that era are clear, but they really helped set me on the path I’m on now. I might have missed the Bronco Bowl when it was around, but I surely respect it and love hearing about shows there.

Yours in rock,

Eric Grubbs, Music and Entertainment Cataloger

Pre-War Martins and An Amp That Goes to 11!

I’m excited to talk about Pre-War Martins in our November 7 auction. They are one of the most sought-after groups of instruments out there today.  Early OM-45’s are rare on their own. This one shines!  Heritage looks to keep our streak of Pre-War Martins going with this South Texas gem.  


Also, we have an amp that truly goes to 11! In an effort to recreate the Sounds of Led Zeppelin 1, Mitch Colby, Perry Margouleff and the one and only Jimmy Page put their heads and hands together to build 50 Sundragon amps.  This is number 15 of the 50 Limited Edition Sundragon amps signed by Jimmy Page.  This amp is in mint condition and comes in its original packing box and its original shipping box. Zeppelin fans and collectors of tone should be going after this one! 

Good luck!

Aaron Piscopo, Consignment Director, Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments

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