Titanic Movie Signature Costumes are Instantly Recognizable

Titanic movie costumes for sale at auction November 4-7, 2021. Your chance to own Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet film-worn outfits.

An Iceberg May Have Sunk the Titanic, but it Could Never Put a Scratch on the Magic of Jack and Rose’s Love Affair.

If I asked you, what modern, epic, blockbuster movie is practically dwarfed by the soaring, tragic love story told in that movie? I’d bet Titanic would be the first title that comes to mind. When James Cameron released his magnum opus upon the world, women swooned, grown men cried, and the story of ill-fated lovers aboard a doomed ocean liner took its place among legendary, tragic romance films like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, West Side Story, and a rare handful of others, enshrined in the hearts and minds of movie lovers the world over. Every second of Titanic’s 3 hour and 14-minute run time is populated by an incredible cast and the best in art and crafts the industry can muster. The costuming alone, designed by Academy Award winner Deborah L. Scott, is itself a star. So meticulously designed and executed and integral to every inch of film, we can often recall a scene in minute detail, just by encountering a particular costume.

There are no more instantly recognizable Titanic costumes than the pair that is being offered here at Heritage in our huge Entertainment & Music Auction: November 4, 5, 6, and 7. Collectors will have a rare opportunity to own both:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Jack Dawson” signature (2) piece ensemble worn throughout the film. The costume ensemble consists of (1) pair of high-waisted tan corduroy trousers with 2-button front closure, hip slash pockets with integral adjusting fabric and buckle belt in the back, retaining internal “Dominic Gherhardi” bias label handwritten, “Fox” in ink and (1) long sleeve, collarless bib shirt of crème broadcloth with button front closure on tan and gray striped bib, with linen sleeve cuffs. Includes detached bias label marked “Leonardo DiC. Jack #2” and costumers paper hang tag handwritten, “39.”

titanic costume leonardo dicaprio

Kate Winslet’s “Rose DeWitt Bukater” Iconic Pink Coat worn when she rushes below deck of the doomed ship to rescue “Jack.” Her heroic act buys the couple a little time together, but a future was not to be. The bespoke floor-length coat is constructed of rose-colored, wool panels featuring a shawl collar, oversize satin-lined bell sleeve cuffs, and black-threaded, embroidery-covered, decorative buttons concealing a hook and eye front closure. Ornamented with elegant, hand-embroidered black vine embellishment at collar and cuffs. Interior lined in peach satin. The interior silk lining even exhibits discoloration from exposure to water during the climactic sinking scene. 

kate winslet costume

Director James Cameron famously insisted that all physical aspects of his production maintain the highest level of historical accuracy. This meticulous attention to materials, construction, and detail wasn’t spared on these, or any other of the film’s legendary and indulgent costumes. Both of these important pieces come with impeccable provenance. If objects retain memories, then these two beautiful costumes are steeped in the bittersweet vapor of epic love, found and then lost. “You Jump, I’ll Jump.” Indelible moments are woven into the fabric of these costumes.

You bid, I’ll bid!

Joe Maddalena

Executive VP, Music and Entertainment

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Joe Maddalena is Executive Vice President of Music and Entertainment for Heritage Auctions.

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