The Munsters Memorabilia from the Kevin Burns Collection

Gold Key Munsters #1 comic for sale at the “Monsters & Friends: Featuring the Collection of Kevin Burns” auction November 5-7, 2021.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to catalog a large portion of the comic books and monster magazines that are part of the collection of late producer, Kevin Burns. It’s well known that Kevin was the ultimate collector of The Munsters’ memorabilia.

When I first heard Heritage Auctions would have the privilege of processing and offering all of Kevin’s treasures, I knew I was in for an experience. I’ve always been a monster fan and I was itching to handle the best of the best Munsters items like models, puppets, novelties, masks, props, artwork, and much, much more. But I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming sense of nostalgia I encountered when I opened a box of magazines – The Munsters comics, to be specific! Holding a pristine copy of the Gold Key Munsters #1 comic brought back memories of rummaging through my older cousin’s collection and reading through this very issue. Unlike the ragged well-read issue I remember, there was a beautiful copy graded 9.2.

The last time Heritage sold a copy anywhere near this quality was in 2007 and it brought in just shy of $900. Some might say that’s a lot for a comic that cost 12 cents in 1965, but the memories this little mag stirred in me are priceless. In a delightful coincidence, as I write this, Rob Zombie is filming his new take on The Munsters! The “Monsters & Friends: Featuring the Collection of Kevin Burns” Auction will take place this November 5-7. Kevin’s premiere Munsters collection coupled with excitement over the upcoming Rob Zombie reboot, and the ever-exploding comic market, should see this issue go like a vampire at a blood drive!

-Michael Mansfield


Posted by Michael Mansfield

Michael Mansfield is a Cataloger for Heritage Auctions.

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