5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Buy Birkin

In 2016, the luxury market faced global instability, Brexit, and other variables that contributed to many designers seeing a contraction in their sales. While the market is starting to slowly recover in 2017,  the gap is still widening between winners and losers. A perennial winner, Hermès, and their beloved Birkin handbag continue to define the field […]

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The Handbag as Art: How Takashi Murakami Indulged My Theory

I always enjoy debating the merits of the handbag with our contemporary art specialists. For me, it’s natural to compare the luxury handbags we auction to works of art. From a tri-color special-order Hermès Kelly and matte crocodile Hermès Himalayan Birkin to a vintage crystal Judith Leiber minaudiere, these pieces, crafted by skilled artisans working […]

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Collector's Guide: The Value in Investing in Hermès Birkin Handbags | Heritage Auctions

Investing in Hermès: Wheres the value?

Known around the world as the definitive collector’s handbag, the Hermes Birkin has transcended fashion, disrupting the discourse on investing. Comfortably sitting side by side with fine art, estate jewels, and rare coins, the French handcrafted handbags are now a leading category among collectors and speculators alike. For decades, stylish women have turned to Hermes […]

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