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How Money, Extravagance and Fashion Moved the World from Art Deco to Art Moderne

 The 1920s saw the world enter a post-war boom of economy, color and extravagant living. Many had money to spend and ways to spend it – think The Great Gatsby.  “Stocks reached record peaks, and

The Coin That Shouldn’t Exist

As I watched a hush fall over the crowd, the auctioneer opened the lot for one of the most famous and sought-after error coins of all time. In front of a packed Platinum Night auction

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment

Estate Sale Find Sells for Over 10x Purchase Price

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment The estate sale description was impossible to resist: “It’s not every day you see an estate sale from a 100-year-old lady; she has an amazing

Tales & Treasures of “The Fighting Doctor”: Charles B. Ewing

Hidden under a group of lovely but very unassuming lots is a history so rich, it is rather mind-blowing. Every piece of Native American, Pre-Columbian or Tribal art has its own unique and interesting history,

Storage Wars Tips Turned into Reality for Texas-Local

The recent Dallas Morning News article by Barry Horn about the out-of-work-butcher-turned-storage unit entrepreneur should make every collector and storage unit searcher stand up and shout. In a nutshell, Alan Hairston spent $330 on a

Numismatic History: Native Americans on US Coins

What Native Americans Have Been on US Coins? The historical tribes that make up Native American culture have often been given a place of honor on many of the US Mint’s most popular and enduring

2016 Introduction of Bullion Coins to Celebrate a Centennial of Artistry

2016 Introduction of Bullion Coins to Celebrate a Centennial of Artistry

One hundred years ago, 1916 was a banner year for numismatics. After Charles Barber’s eponymous designs had graced the Barber Quarter, Barber Dime, and Barber Half Dollar from 1892 to 1915, each of these three

A Shot In The Dark

A shadowy silhouette of a man moves down the street. His shoulders and the top of his felt Stetson fedora are briefly lit in the pools of light beneath the street lamps as he passes.

Minting Mistakes: Error Coins and Their Collectability

A basic understanding of coin collecting reveals that condition, date, and scarcity are all key components of what makes a coin collectible. One area of collecting, however, focuses on mistakes made by the mint, or

Connecticut-Created Colonial Coppers

Few coins have as much rustic historical appeal and offer such endless variety as the Connecticut Coppers of 1785 to 1788. These pieces circulated in early America as a medium of exchange used in colonial