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A Glimpse Into the Life of Alex Haley, the Author of Roots

It has been 38 years since Alex Haley published Roots in 1976. Michael Eric Dyson summed it up well in the 2006 introduction to the 30th Anniversary Edition of Roots: “Haley’s monumental achievement helped convince

Twelve Years a Slave, One Little Book

And the Oscar goes to…Solomon Northup. Who? Solomon Northup. His is certainly not a household name in current American culture. In fact, Northup has never been a wildly popular or recognizable figure in American history

It Was 50 Years Ago Today… Well, Almost

It obviously dates me to say that I still remember when the Beatles were still together, but then I don’t claim to be old enough to remember when they did the Ed Sullivan show 50


Charlie Brown, Peanuts, Charles Schulz and The Meaning of Life

“I love mankind – it’s people I can’t understand!” – Charlie Brown I’ve long maintained that everything I know about writing I learned from MAD Magazine and everything I learned about philosophy – from Agnosticism


Advertising Illustrations of Edgar Church

While I’m a professional coin geek, I have plenty of amateur interests, including a small but growing collection of illustration art. My search for quality illustrations on a bachelor’s budget led me to a famous