Article Type: 5 for Friday

Five For Friday: Perpetual Calendar Watches

When it comes to watches, functions that do more than tell time (hours, minutes and seconds) are referred to as “complications.” Complications in watches are desirable because they require the highest amount of watchmaking effort

Five for Friday: Vintage Office Décor Creates Personality

  The advent of the laptop computer and the mobile office forced many to move away from personal touches when it came to their workplace environment. Fortunately, in recent years more companies are accepting telecommuting

Five for Friday: Charles Guiteau – Inside the Mind of a Killer

This week’s Five for Friday looks inside the mind of a killer. An important private collection of artifacts and documents relating to the Presidential assassin Charles Guiteau have been uncovered, including a newly discovered manifesto

Five for Friday: Ansel Adams Photography Stands Test of Time

This week’s Five for Friday looks at a quintet of offerings from Ansel Adams, who is considered one of the greatest landscape photographers who ever lived, that will be among the images available May 18

Five For Friday: Historic Wars & Creative Geniuses

This week’s Five For Friday covers the rich diversity in the May 10-11 Historical Manuscripts Auction, spanning the Civil and World Wars and the creative geniuses who shaped a nation. 1.  Frank Lloyd Wright Archive

Five for Friday: 5 Standout Collectible Wristwatches

This Five For Friday installment looks at five standout wristwatches from the upcoming Sports Collectible Auction May 11-13. 1.   1956 New York Yankees World Series Championship Rolex Gold Wristwatch Presented to Yogi Berra   Once