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Five Top Fine Timepieces to Watch

The relationship you have with your watch (or watches) is unique. Both fashion statements and practical tools, today’s most expensive and luxurious watches exude style and technology unmatched by any other designer accessory. Although a

5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Buy Birkin

In 2016, the luxury market faced global instability, Brexit, and other variables that contributed to many designers seeing a contraction in their sales. While the market is starting to slowly recover in 2017,  the gap

Five for Friday: Vintage Guitars

There are few instruments, if any, that have a place in the hearts of as many people as guitars do. They evoke memories of all kinds, from songs around a childhood campfire to old ballads

Five for Friday: Early Political Campaign Memorabilia

Everyone has seen the advertisements and marketing efforts used in recent elections, tactics that range from confrontational internet messages to more traditional signs planted in countless yards. But people have been campaigning for their favorite

Five for Friday: Antique Fine Silver Serving Pieces

Many of us set the table before any meal, whether it’s a Saturday lunch with the family or a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday or holiday. More often than not, the table’s appearance is

Five for Friday: First Baseball Cards Offered With Gum were in 1933 Goudey PSA Set

Enos Gordon Goudey opened the Goudey Gum Company in 1919 in Boston. Although he sold the company in 1932, Goudey stayed involved as a consultant. Today, the company is known best for its association with

Five for Friday- Chinese Snuff Bottles

Five for Friday: Chinese Snuff Bottles

After being introduced to the court at Beijing by the Portuguese in the mid- to late-18th century, the use of tobacco spread among the upper class until it became a social ritual, first among the

Five for Friday: Rare Artifacts from American Literature

The scope of American Literature encompasses more than just the books written by our most famous American authors; it also includes the personal artifacts belonging to these authors that give insight into their personal lives.

Five for Friday: Gifts for The Gentleman Collector- Charles Schalebaum’s Vintage Models

The upcoming Fine and Decorative Arts Auction featuring The Gentleman Collector Signature Auction Sept. 22-25 will feature some of the most interesting aeronautical, automotive and nautical vintage model collectibles from legendary dealer and collector Charles


Five For Friday: American Historical Items sold at Auction

Important historical items regularly come up for auction, so a full list of lots is extensive. Artifacts from the Titanic, all manner of wars from across the world, ancient tribal and pre-Columbian artifacts and iconic