When Superheroes Leap From Big Screen To Fine Art

Superheroes are fictional personas that inspire us to be our ideal selves and fight for justice and a better society. They, along with other comic book characters, have always been present in contemporary art, a theme that carries

When Marvelous Mechanics Make Music

Before iPods, before gramophones, before player pianos were the rage, there were parlor music players. Designed for domestic entertainment, a well-appointed home in 1910 likely had one of these. While earlier mechanical players were large,

Chinese Artists Fuel Innovation With Collaboration

A recent study on today’s Chinese luxury consumers shows shoppers are choosing premium products over mass products. Tapping into this trend, the past year saw a push by Western luxury brands toward the Chinese consumer

Are All Inscriptions Equal?

In the Rare Book trade, there is a generally agreed-upon hierarchy for the desirability of collectible inscribed or signed books. It is as follows: The Dedication Copy, Association Copies, Presentation Copies, Inscribed Copies and, lastly,

Q&A with KAWS Collector and Legend Ronnie K. Pirovino

Ronnie K. Pirovino has been collecting KAWS artwork and collectibles since 2003, amassing one of the world’s largest KAWS collections. He is also an active member of the contemporary art community, appraising collections and curating

Beyond Fantasy: The Career of Frank Frazetta

Every true fantasy fan knows the name, Frazetta, but the prodigious artist is known for much more. From comic art to corporate logos, album covers to movie production, Frank Frazetta had his hand in all

Record-Breaking Spider-Man Original Art by John Romita, Sr.

Collectors searching for the value of vintage Spider-Man comic books may be shocked to learn original cover art featuring the Marvel superhero can sell for $150,000-250,000. One such piece – John Romita Sr.’s original cover

Marilyn Monroe Photos Showcase Classic Film Roles

As her white flowy dress blows up from the air below, Marilyn Monroe quickly pushes the dress down, smiling cheekily at the camera. We’ve all seen this photo. Without fail, Monroe has provided the world

Proving Provenance: Your Collectible’s Story

In the 1950s, the average American home had a piece of furniture called a telephone table, a simple wooden seat with an attached ledge to place the family’s rotary dial phone. You can easily find

The Easiest Way To Land A Birkin Without Ever Being On A List

Back in 2001, when Samantha Jones famously tried to bypass the legendary Hermes waiting list during Sex and the City’s fictional “Birkin” episode, a saga exploded across the fashion landscape. The conversation following that season