How Rare are Marilyn Monroe Autographed Photos?

A beautiful photograph, signed and inscribed by the legend Marilyn Monroe, is for sale at auction in November, 2021.

Marilyn Monroe autographed photos are highly sought-after and coveted by collectors around the world.  Marilyn’s allure and mystique seem to grow greater with each and every generation.  She is the ultimate example of a “beloved” movie star attaining a status of superstardom few others if any has reached. It seems the public’s fascination with Marilyn is eternal.

Marilyn’s autographs are very rare as the only opportunity “fans” had to encounter Marilyn would have been in person during her too-short life. As a result, most examples are signed in autograph albums.  The most common form of Marilyn’s autograph is either on a bank check or a contract. Only a few hundred have seemingly survived the ravages of time.

In 40 years of collecting Marilyn signed photos, I can account for only 50 or so signed 8” x 10” photos and perhaps a dozen oversized, signed photographs. A majority of authentically signed Marilyn Monroe photographs are printed on double-weight paper with a matte finish.  Marilyn took great pride and discretion in who she signed and presented photographs to. Most examples I have encountered since I started collecting in the 1970s come with great stories of Marilyn’s relationship to the person the photo was inscribed to. The larger, oversized photos are exceptionally rare as they would not have survived the mail and were often hand-presented by Marilyn to a special person.

The Marilyn Monroe autographed photo we are offering in our November auction is superlative, as it meets so many criteria as the “best of its kind.” First off, it’s a custom 11” x 14” print on double-weight paper with a matte finish. The photo is boldly inscribed “Jack My love, My thanks, My appreciation and my everything forever, Marilyn.”  You won’t find a better example anywhere.

Preview this autographed Marilyn Monroe photo and other items for sale in our November 2021 auction.

-Joe Maddalena

Executive Vice President, Music and Entertainment

Posted by Joe Maddalena

Joe Maddalena is Executive Vice President of Music and Entertainment for Heritage Auctions.

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