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Five for Friday: Gift Ideas for Collectors of All Kinds

The end of the calendar year means so many different things to different people, whether that means an extended visit with family, a holiday religious service or hours spent scanning the sky for a sleigh

Five for Friday: Nature Photography to Add to Your Collection

If it’s true that a picture is, in fact, worth 1,000 words, then Heritage Auctions’ Holiday Online Photographs Auction is an absolute treasure trove. The event includes a group of photos of high-profile celebrities who

Five for Friday: Animation Art

One of the great joys of collecting animation art is the nostalgic value, because just about everything in the hobby evokes fond memories, some of which go back as far as childhood, when a movie

Five for Friday: Arms & Armor, Civil War & Militaria

The number of people who collect militaria and war relics has gone up significantly in recent years, for reasons ranging from the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II to increasingly more realistic

Five for Friday: Casablanca Movie Poster Collection

Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters Auction Nov. 18-19 in Dallas will feature more than 1,000 posters from an enormous array of movies ranging from the most obscure to some of the most well-known blockbusters of all

Five for Friday: Holiday Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those collectibles categories in which just about everyone can find something of value. On the surface, the appeal is obvious, with the clear financial value associated with assorted gemstones. But it

Microchip Is Part Of Foundation Of Modern Computers, Mobile Phones

Prototypes helped steer landmark technological evolution It’s one of those things that makes us sound like our grandparents. Looking back, it seems like every time anyone got anything new – a color television (with a

Five for Friday: 20th Century Decorative Arts Including Tiffany, Lalique and Art Glass

An art glass auction catalog is always an explosion of color, and Heritage Auctions’ Nov. 14 20th Century Decorative Arts Auction is no exception, with page after page of practically glowing pieces by Tiffany, Lalique,

Five for Friday: Nature and Science Treasures

Nature and science auctions, like the one Heritage Auctions will present Nov. 4 in Dallas, are extraordinary opportunities for collectors. Among the available lots are an array of items of immeasurable technological value and others

Sports Autographs_ Indicators of a Fake Signature - Heritage Auctions

Sports Autographs: Indicators of a Fake Signature

Autographs mean different things to different people. For some, they are reminders of chance encounters with childhood heroes, or of hours spent waiting to meet – even if only for a couple of seconds –