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Titanic Heroics Highlighted in Gentleman Collector Auction: The Last Moments aboard the Titanic for Postal Clerk, Oscar Scott Woody

The usage of the word “titanic” accurately classified the luxury and grandeur of the White Star Line’s most famous vessel, and later the magnitude of the disaster that struck the “unsinkable ship.” UNESCO (United Nations

Shaving Mugs: American Folk Art

In our June 26th Fine and Decorative Arts Signature Internet Session, we feature the American shaving mug collection of John Sturner. In the late Victorian era (1880-1910), most men owned a shaving mug that they

Eastern Influence on American Aesthetic Movement Silver

In our upcoming April 12 Silver and Objects of Vertu Signature Auction, we feature a strong selection of American Aesthetic Movement objects, including many prized mixed-metal lots embellished with copper and gold elements. These pieces

Gold Fever: Cataloger Picks

When I was a child, one of my favorite action movies was the James Bond classic Goldfinger. The movie’s plot centers on the corrupt businessman Auric Goldfinger and his plan to steal the gold from