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Barbecue Guns

For as long as humankind has been carrying weapons, people have been decorating them. Early designs were attempts to add a magical power to the piece. Later efforts were intended to beautify, and to show

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes!?”

Dr. Indiana Jones may have loved his Smith & Wesson revolvers, but the most recognizable American revolver has to be Colt’s Single Action Army (aka “The Peacemaker”). Originally adopted by the U.S. Military in 1873,

Pop Culture Meets History – Part 2

“Silk. Tight weave. Good for an extra twenty yards.” ~ Daniel Day-Lewis as “Hawkeye” in Last of the Mohicans as he hands Uncas a roll of fabric and begins loading his rifle. The screenplay of


Reminiscing in Antique Radio’s Classic Charm

“It…is…later…than…you…think…” The 1930’s radio show “Lights Out Everybody” began every episode with those six little words, and then proceeded to scare the pants off thousands of people who tuned into the half-hour show that aired


Overtaken By Events: Unexpected Collectibles

While I love looking at and studying old guns, my interest in “antique” firearms is almost purely from the shooter’s perspective. I don’t own any firearm I can’t shoot – no high dollar collectible wall hangers


Pop Culture Meets History – Part 1

  Samuel Colt patented the percussion, or “cap and ball”, revolver in 1835. Several forms of revolving firearms had been around prior to Colt’s first revolving pistol, Colt’s design had reached a tolerable state of