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The Coin Geek 4: Of Forty-Eighters and Forty-Niners

(There is little more enthralling or evocative than a huge gold ingot of assayers gold, and little assayers gold more intriguing that that of Justh & Hunter, two names numismatists will recognize instantly from its


Charlie Brown, Peanuts, Charles Schulz and The Meaning of Life

“I love mankind – it’s people I can’t understand!” – Charlie Brown I’ve long maintained that everything I know about writing I learned from MAD Magazine and everything I learned about philosophy – from Agnosticism


The Coin Geek #3: Nickels and Vending Machines

  The vending machine was restocked at work today, giving me a bit of inspiration for this post. This year marks the centennial of the Buffalo nickel, struck between 1913 and 1938. The Buffalo nickel’s


You Paid $13,000 for WHAT!? – A Look at Collecting VHS Tapes, Part One

On May 31 of this year, someone paid $13,220 for an original MEDA VHS video tape of John Carpenter’s Halloween. No, that’s not a joke. Well, it might be a hoax, but more on that


I Love Calvin & Hobbes

(The following blog entry is written by 10-year-old Emily Shipman, daughter of our CIO Brian Shipman. It is presented here, unedited and unaided. Perhaps we have a new contributor!) My dad (who works for Heritage) and I


Advertising Illustrations of Edgar Church

While I’m a professional coin geek, I have plenty of amateur interests, including a small but growing collection of illustration art. My search for quality illustrations on a bachelor’s budget led me to a famous


Shagreen and Art Deco’s “Great Gatsby” moment

With the anticipation that built up to the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby this year, Art Deco is having a revival moment – not that it ever really goes out of style. It seems


The Coin Geek: a Potentially Staggering Loss in the Art World

(A mother’s act of love in defending the crime of her child? Or an even worse crime than the one she was trying to cover? Those are the questions that hit me, and likely millions