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Cass Christenson is a Consignment Director in Heritage’s U.S. Coin Department, where he assists clients with their collections and in placing consignments in Heritage’s many auctions. As an avid collector, Cass appreciates the history and artistic beauty associated with U.S. coinage, particularly early copper, type coins, silver dollars, and California fractional gold. Growing up in Indiana, after discovering his father’s coin albums as a young boy, he immersed himself in Coin World articles, dealer catalogs, and other numismatic literature. During high school, Cass worked at a local coin store buying and selling coins, while also trading at regional and national coin shows. Prior to joining Heritage, Cass was a trial attorney in Washington, D.C. , litigating cases nationwide. He attended Vanderbilt Law School (’94) and the University of Tampa (’91), and is married with two children.

1969 double die error penny

Searching Coin Roll Pays Off for Texas Collector – Exciting Lincoln Cent Error Coins in June Auction

Read all about the coveted 1969-S Lincoln cent double die error coin for sale plus other rare error coins available in our June auction.