Rare Vintage Marx Playsets are Best in Existence

Yabba Dabba Doo! Classic Flintstones and Other Rare Vintage 1950s-‘60s Marx Playsets in Excellent Condition Hit the Market in Heritage’s Animation Auction

Today’s investors have moved beyond traditional stocks and bonds and have made Pop Culture collectibles a hot ticket. Many sources point to vintage toys as the collectibles market that is really taking off, with the emphasis on rarity and condition. While this news has many scrambling to scour their attics and basements looking for packed-away treasures, most collectors can only hope to find these elusive toys on the secondary market. To that end, Heritage Auctions is very proud to present a stunning collection of some of the most sought-after toys from the late 20th Century – the made-in-the-USA Marx Playsets of the 1950s and ‘60s.

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The auction takes place in Beverly Hills, CA on December 13-15, is open to the public, with additional bidding online.

While the Marx Company made all kinds of toys (from yo-yos in the 1920s, all the way to Big Wheels in the 1970s), the Playsets focused on popular television shows of the time. These licensed sets were truly incredible in their detail; one set might hold 100 or more pieces. In addition to playsets featuring The Flintstones, Davy Crockett, Yogi Bear, Captain Video and more, there were also great generic sets like the Fix-All Jeep, the Big Caesar Roman Warship, and a Civil War set that must be seen to believe. Disney figures prominently in the Marx sets as well, with the wonderful Walt Disney’s Television Playhouse and a pair of rare Peter Pan and Tinker Bell dolls in the offering. All sets are among the finest in existence, complete and unused in original boxes. Single item boxed toys are among the collection as well, like the Dick Tracy wind-up car, the Roy Rogers Shootin’ Iron, and the Toy Town Express Van Truck.

Finding unused, still-in-box playsets and single items like these has become quite a challenge. Toys like these were made to be played with, after all; it would be (at best) one kid in a thousand who would get a great playset for a special occasion, only to put it away in the closet unopened. Most sets like these that can be found today (when you can find them at all) will show wear and tear, and are more than likely missing a good many of the tiny accessories that were originally included in the boxed sets. Finding sets in such complete and excellent condition is in itself a rarity, but finding a collection like this is not only remarkable but practically unheard of. This is a great opportunity to obtain some of the finest toy playsets still in existence for those looking for fun collectibles that are also sound investments (and for some, a trip down memory lane). Whatever your age, these playsets will amaze just about anyone who sees them. Just try to refrain with playing with them… much!

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David Tosh is a cataloger for the Animation Art department. He is also the author of Rise of the Superheroes: Greatest Silver Age Comic Books and Characters and editor of the Eisner Award-nominated Walt Kelly’s Fables and Funnies. His most recent book is Jumbo Mumbo.

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