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Banksy urban art value – in the Street Art Value Guide series. See also: RETNA, KAWS, Mr. Brainwash and Shepard Fairey art value guides.

Banksy’s larger pieces sell routinely for tens of thousands of dollars, and even smaller pieces like his After Banksy (2005) Di-Faced Tenner sold for $875. There is value to be had on both ends of the spectrum. For the casual collector, a smaller piece can expect to appreciate as Banksy’s star continues to rise. For a serious collector, a major Banksy work represents a sound investment in an established artist in the growing Urban Art canon. 

What is Banksy famous for?

Banksy has made a career of pranks and artistic misdeeds. From smuggling his own art into the famed Tate gallery, to “remixing” the Mona Lisa with a full-on smiley face, his work is often defined by its playful and subversion of artistic norms. Some have seen their share of controversy, his erection of a life-size inflatable Guantanamo detainee wasn’t well received by Disney guests or employees and his post-modern documentary film, Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) is still scrutinized and dissected by fans of art and cinema alike. 

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How did Banksy get started?

Banksy was a stencil graffiti artist in the 1980s — not altogether different than what would make him famous in the late nineties and early 2000s. He moved to London in 1999, where he continued to develop his impish style — equal parts satire and post-modern mashup. He mounted his first exhibition in an abandoned warehouse in Hackney, Turf War (2003). 

What kind of art does Banksy make?

Bansky is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has helped define the Urban Artist aesthetic. From stenciled graffiti to paintings to sculpture and installation pieces, Banksy’s artistic oeuvre knows no bounds. Even his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) was a critical darling and commercially successful. Heritage Auctions has sold many of his screenprints, resin sculptures, lithographs, and even a vinyl record. 

How many Banksy works have been sold by Heritage Auctions?

Heritage Auctions has an extensive history with Banksy, we’ve sold 157 pieces of his over the course of his career. Four of these pieces will be sold this month, including an Exit Through the Gift Shop poster and a painted cast, Bansky X The Walled Off Hotel (2017) which comes from Banksy’s famed hotel in the Gaza strip.  

What is the value of Banksy art?

Banksy’s art is extremely valuable, with many of his pieces selling for tens of thousands of dollars on the Heritage Auctions Website. If you’d like to see the wide range of prices that Banksy’s work has fetched, we encourage you to check out the Banksy artist bio page. There you can find access to every Banksy piece that Heritage Auctions has sold, as well as find upcoming pieces that may be for sale soon. It’s an invaluable tool for the savvy art collector. 

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