What is the Value of an Authentic Tiffany Lamp?

The value of a Tiffany Co. lamp varies depending on many factors. Read this article to learn what makes a Tiffany lamp valuable.

How much is a Tiffany Lamp Worth?

A Tiffany lamp can fetch anywhere between $4,000 and 1 million depending on the uniformity of the mosaic glass pieces which makes up the shade portion of the lamp. The imagery on the shade is just as important. Such beloved ornamentation is the butterfly, daffodil, dragonfly, Greek key, nautilus peacock, poppy, turtle and wisteria in the lamp category. (2)

Heritage Auctions sold a TIFFANY STUDIOS LEADED GLASS AND BRONZE BORDER PEONY FLOOR LAMP. Circa 1920 for $143, 000.00, which fits within the naturalist imagery collectors love. 

tiffany lamp shade

Who was Louis Comfort Tiffany?

As the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812–1902), founder of Tiffany & Company, the fancy goods store that became the renowned jewelry and silver firm, Tiffany chose to pursue his own artistic interests in lieu of joining the family business. (1)

How to tell if a Tiffany lamp is real?

Arlie Sulka, a lamp appraiser, tells us this about Tiffany lamps. 

It is difficult and takes time to learn. Original Tiffany lamps had distinct patterns that other companies couldn’t copy. When determining the authenticity of a lamp, you have to consider the pattern, how the glass looks, how the lamp is constructed, and the casting of the base as well as its finish. (3)

Reyne Haines wrote an article for Heritage Auctions goes that into detail about the signed and unsigned lamps that exist and often are not Louise Comfort Tiffany glass objects. Here is a link to read more about his take on authenticating a real Tiffany Louis Comfort objects

What is the Most Expensive Tiffany Lamp?

While not the most expensive lamp, the Turtleback Tile Bronze Floor Lamp came it at $106,250.00, which sold at Heritage Auctions of June 19 – 21 of 2015. The most expensive lamp was the Pink Lotus lamp, which sold at Christie’s for $2.4 million. (4)

tiffany lamp

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