Can You Still Buy an Original Andy Warhol Print?

Two exclusive Andy Warhol prints are featured in the auction that also includes works from Chagall and Picasso. Preview all works in the October 22 fine art auction.

Two Andy Warhol original prints are for sale in the Heritage Auctions October 2019 Fine Art and Antiques auction. Original pieces appear at auction infrequently, and some art is sold privately. But between Heritage Auctions, Sotheby’s and Christie’s, nearly 2,000 original Andy Warhol works have been sold.

Exclusive Sneak Preview of the October 22, 2019 fine art auction with Andy Warhol that also includes works from Chagall and Picasso . Bidding opens about October 1st.

What Andy Warhol Original Prints are For Sale?

Two exclusive Andy Warhol prints are featured.

Andy Warhol Grevy’s Zebra, from Endangered Species, 1983

Grevy’s Zebra is a screen print that showcases bright colors that dazzle the onlooker.  Preview Andy Warhol Grevy’s Zebra print for sale.

Andy Warhol screen print of Grevy's Zebra for sale at auction
Grevy’s Zebra print by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Flowers, 1974 for Sale – Auction Preview

Warhol’s screen print Flowers (Black and White, 1974), which illuminates the viewer of the vase with flowers, was rendered in a sketchbook fashion. The drawing style should give a feeling of the line quality we have come to appreciate about Warhol. Preview Andy Warhol Flowers screen print for sale.

andy warhol flowers screen print for sale

How Much is Andy Warhol Art Worth?

The most expensive Andy Warhol artwork sold, the Silver Car Crash shown below, sold for $105 million. Other most expensive works by Warhol include: (2)

  • “Eight Elvises” — $100 million. Sold in 2008
  • “Triple Elvis” — $81.9 million. Sold in 2014
  • “Turquoise Marilyn” — $80 million. Sold in 2007
  • “Green Car Crash (Green Car Burning I)” — $71.7 million. Sold in 2017

What is the Most Expensive Andy Warhol Artwork?

Andy Warhol’s Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster), is both monumental in scale (8 feet tall-by-13-feet wide) as well as in value, which sold at Sotheby’s on 13 November 2013 $105 million. (1)

andy wahol silver car crash print
Andy Warhol most expensive artwork

How to Value Andy Warhol Original Prints

Heritage Auctions has sold hundreds of original Andy Warhol artwork, and our experts are available for auction price estimates when you’re ready to sell. Lookup the value of Andy Warhol paintings sold by Heritage Auctions.

Or request a free auction appraisal from a Heritage Auctions expert.



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  1. I have an Andy Warhol large book in excellent condition that I would like to sell. where would you suggest would be the best way in which to do this. I live in Ontario, Canada.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Please email us photos at A specialist can review and contact you back to discuss.


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