For the Love of Leiber, Taking the Dull out of “Adulting”

When the movie, Sex and the City, featured Charlotte’s daughter, Lily, carrying a pink cupcake minaudière, it sparked a new generation of love for Judith Leiber’s Swarovski covered handbags. The confectionery cuteness has become one of the most coveted bags, selling for $4,687 in 2013, rarely comes to auction and quite often is sold out, as I recently discovered while “researching” online at Neiman Marcus.(1)

Celebrities Who Carry Judith Leiber Designer Handbags

Leiber handbags accessorize the elite and triple threat stars from the ultimate style risk taker, Jennifer Lopez to Spiderman’s main girl, Zendaya. Mamie Eisenhower was the initial first lady to own a Leiber original with Jacqueline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton following in her footsteps. Leiber’s handbags still grace Hollywood runways, filling them with colorful shimmer and whimsical shapes. Jennifer Lawrence’s Leiber made added that dazzle to the sleek red Calvin Klein dress she wore to the 2011 Oscars. The bag sold in 2014 at auction for $8,750.

Whether out on the town, on the red carpet or displayed as part of décor, bags by Lebier captivate me with their elegance, artisanship and most importantly, the magnificent sparkles. They add just a little something to any occasion or outfit. My position with Heritage Auctions is a well-tailored fit for me, because I am fortunate to see the amazing collection of accessories and handbags before they go to auction. As I click through images upon images of bags and accessories, my inner “stylist” voice says, “this would look fantastic with…”

Judith Leiber Minaudiere Creations

So with that “love of Leiber” in mind, I decided that the Butterfly Minaudiere with magenta flowing midi dress would be perfect to wear to accompany me at an afternoon shower or tea, and who wouldn’t love to carry the Crystal Venus Clamshell Minaudiere to a seaside party or dinner overlooking the ocean wearing a classic lavender linen sheath? Wait, the stunning Crystal Harp would be the ideal accessory for an afternoon garden wedding …

Oh … I guess I need to stop daydreaming and get back to a spreadsheet. There is no glamour in that, but thank you, Judith Leiber, for bringing the bling to adulthood.


Kristen Schultz is a Category Marketing Manager at Heritage Auctions.

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Category Marketing Manager at Heritage Auctions

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