5 Must-Read Avengers Comics Before the Release of Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War, which is scheduled to be released April 27, is the culmination of 18 films produced by the Marvel Studios over the last decade. Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated movies I can ever remember, Infinity War will  feature Jim Starlin’s creation, Thanos of Titan, and his Infinity Gauntlet. In Heritage Auctions’ upcoming May Comics & Comic Art Auction, we are featuring a number of pieces that fans of the MCU will covet.

In Marvel Premiere #1, Adam Warlock, an important fixture in Marvel Comics’ greater cosmic universe, is given a gem by the High Evolutionary. Eventually it is learned that it was the Soul Gem, or Soul Stone as it is later called – one of the six Infinity Gems (Infinity Stones). Gil Kane and Dan Adkins Marvel Premiere #1 Story Page 27 Adam Warlock Original Art (Marvel, 1972) features the gem’s first appearance, and as such, Marvel Bronze Age collectors will want to make sure this page ends up in their collections.

Gil Kane and Dan Adkins Marvel Premiere #1 Story Page 27 Adam Warlock Original Art (Marvel, 1972).

Thanos, the Mad Titan, has been noted to be heavily influenced by Jack Kirby’s character Darkseid. However, in his first rendering, Starlin gave him an appearance closer to that of another Fourth World character: Metron. In this Jim Starlin and Rich Buckler Thanos Concept Illustration Original Art (circa 1971-72) drawing, done before Starlin even worked for Marvel, gives fans an idea of how the character changed by the time he first appears, in Iron Man #55. Speaking of which…

Jim Starlin and Rich Buckler Thanos Concept Illustration Original Art (circa 1971-72)

This Jim Starlin and Mike Esposito Iron Man #55 Story Page 7 Original Art (Marvel, 1973) auction also features a page from the Bronze Age key, which introduced readers to Thanos and also to the Guardian of the Galaxy, Drax the Destroyer. The last panel of the page features a large image of Drax as he conscripts the Invincible Iron Man into service.

Jim Starlin and Mike Esposito Iron Man #55 Story Page 7 Original Art (Marvel, 1973)

The most famous storyline featuring Thanos and the gems was 1991s Infinity Gauntlet. The May auction feature 18 pages (!) of Ron Lim, George Pérez, Joe Rubinstein, and Bruce N. Solotoff Infinity Gauntlet #4 Story Page 28 Thanos and Thor Original Art (Marvel, 1991) from the six-issue mini-series, all of which would be welcome in any Marvel fan’s collection. To have so many offered at once is a rare opportunity.

Ron Lim, George Pérez, Joe Rubinstein, and Bruce N. Solotoff Infinity Gauntlet #4 Story Page 28 Thanos and Thor Original Art (Marvel, 1991

Infinity War, published in 1992, was the follow-up to the hit Infinity Gauntlet limited series. This Ron Lim Infinity War Illustration Original Art (Marvel, 1992) image likely was used as a house ad or solicitation by Marvel, promoting the series. Adam Warlock’s evil side, the Magus, is featured prominently in the image – as well he should be, being the prime antagonist of the series.

Ron Lim Infinity War Illustration Original Art (Marvel, 1992)


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