Month: September 2017

Five for Friday: Early Political Campaign Memorabilia

Everyone has seen the advertisements and marketing efforts used in recent elections, tactics that range from confrontational internet messages to more traditional signs planted in countless yards. But people have been campaigning for their favorite

Made in LA: California Artists to Have in Your Collection

Los Angeles has and continues to be a key player in the international art scene. Most recently, there has been an influx of new galleries and institutions popping up across the vast city and artists

Five for Friday: Antique Fine Silver Serving Pieces

Many of us set the table before any meal, whether it’s a Saturday lunch with the family or a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday or holiday. More often than not, the table’s appearance is


Studio Glass and Art Glass, Wherein Lies the Difference?

Dale Chihuly is one of the best-known Studio Glass artists. If you do not know his name, you have surely seen one of his bright, eccentric glass creations. They come in all forms – elaborate

Collector's Guide: The Value in Investing in Hermès Birkin Handbags | Heritage Auctions

Investing in Hermès: Wheres the value?

Known around the world as the definitive collector’s handbag, the Hermes Birkin has transcended fashion, disrupting the discourse on investing. Comfortably sitting side by side with fine art, estate jewels, and rare coins, the French

Coin Care for the Collector

Coin Care for the Collector

Acquiring old coins, whether through pure chance or a shrewd purchase, can generate immediate excitement, and can lay the foundation for a lifetime of collecting, regardless of whether the new prize is the first acquisition

Modern & Contemporary Art Specialist Picks: Fall Prints and Multiples

Learn about our Modern and Contemporary Fine Art specialists’ favorite works from our upcoming Fall Prints and Multiples Online Auction, taking place online on September 26, 2017. Taylor Curry Consignment Director, Modern & Contemporary Art


How Money, Extravagance and Fashion Moved the World from Art Deco to Art Moderne

 The 1920s saw the world enter a post-war boom of economy, color and extravagant living. Many had money to spend and ways to spend it – think The Great Gatsby.  “Stocks reached record peaks, and

Film Legend Lupita Tovar’s Jewelry Collection at Auction

The life of Lupita Tovar, it turns out, would make a great movie. In her 106 years on the planet, Tovar witnessed the advent of automobiles and antibiotics, of space travel and Snapchat. She made

Titanic Heroics Highlighted in Gentleman Collector Auction: The Last Moments aboard the Titanic for Postal Clerk, Oscar Scott Woody

The usage of the word “titanic” accurately classified the luxury and grandeur of the White Star Line’s most famous vessel, and later the magnitude of the disaster that struck the “unsinkable ship.” UNESCO (United Nations