Month: June 2017

Five for the Fourth: Independence Day Collectibles

Heritage Auctions has sold more than 400 items with a tie to Independence Day. From historical to sports to decorative arts the scope of pieces that relate to July 4th is impressive and eccentric. Here

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment

Estate Sale Find Sells for Over 10x Purchase Price

Heritage Turns $35 Estate Find to a $382.40 Auction Consignment The estate sale description was impossible to resist: “It’s not every day you see an estate sale from a 100-year-old lady; she has an amazing

Five for Friday: Every House Needs A Mouse

No animated character is more recognizable or beloved than Mickey Mouse, who was created in 1928 under the name “Mortimer Mouse.” A veteran of more than 130 movies, Mickey Mouse has entertained generations of loyal

Tales & Treasures of “The Fighting Doctor”: Charles B. Ewing

Hidden under a group of lovely but very unassuming lots is a history so rich, it is rather mind-blowing. Every piece of Native American, Pre-Columbian or Tribal art has its own unique and interesting history,

5 Incredible and Valuable Treasures Found Barns and Attics

5 Incredible and Valuable Treasures Found in Barns and Attics

The history of fine art and collectibles is filled with stories of treasures found in attics, basements, closets, and other unlikely places. The fantasy for every collector, the media loves these types of stories and

The Gift of Giving Back: Heritage 360

The human spirit is amazingly strong, and a generous spirit is one of mankind’s greatest characteristics. The payoff: few things can match the gratification gleaned from helping others in need. A new endeavor at Heritage

Five for Friday: Rare Marilyn Monroe Collectibles

Some celebrities are bigger than the industry that made them stars. Even those who don’t listen to a lot of music know who Michael Jackson and the Beatles were. People who never watch sports are

Unusual Guns On Target With Collectors

Firearms have a unique place in the world of collectibles. Regardless of someone’s political leanings and view about gun laws, they are important – not just for hunting and self-defense personal safety, but also as

Five for Friday: Famous Movie Shoes Leave Their Mark

When movie fans think of props, and especially shoes, there are specific scenes that leap to the front of just about everyone’s memory. The ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella’s glass slipper and