Month: March 2017

Warhol Prints Still Deliver 15 Minutes of Fame

For celebrities and newsmakers there are moments when you know you have arrived. You appear on the cover of a magazine like Time, Vogue or Rolling Stone. Your first appearance on The Tonight Show or

J.P. Morgan’s Lasting Legacy in Asian Art

Described as a voracious collector, John Pierpoint (J.P.) Morgan spent the last decades of his life adding items to an already-impressive collection that included art, sculptures and significant pieces from around the world. The Morgan

Texan War Prize: Santa Anna’s Captured Battle Map

Antonio López de Santa Anna, the “Napoleon of the West,” was one of North America’s most infamous leaders. Although he first fought to defend the Spanish Empire he later became an important figure in the

The Introduction of the New York City Art Deco Traffic Light

In a day and age when driving your car has become almost second nature, it is hard to imagine a time when the automobile was just coming onto the transportation scene. There really were no