10 Commandments Heritage Auctions

The Yavneh Ten Commandments Stone | JUDAEA. Late Roman-Byzantine Era, circa 300-830 CE. Marble Decalogue Inscription.

A marble slab inscribed with the 10 Commandments, most likely used at the entrance of a synagogue destroyed by Romans or Crusaders, is being offered Nov. 16 at Heritage Auctions’ Biblical Archaeology & Related Objects Auction. It is the world’s earliest-known complete stone inscription of the biblical principles given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

The tablet is the centerpiece of thoroughly researched and authenticated artifacts owned and offered by New York’s Living Torah Museum. “There is nothing more fundamental to our shared heritage than the 10 Commandments,” said David Michaels, Director of Antiquities for Heritage Auctions, “and Heritage Auctions is honored and privileged to be entrusted with the sale of this remarkable piece of Biblical history.”

The two-foot-square slab weighs 115 pounds and dates to the late Roman-Byzantine era, circa A.D. 300-830. It is inscribed with 20 lines of characters rendered in the Samaritan form of Paleo-Hebrew script.

Bidders are required to agree to place the object on public exhibition, as stipulated by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which has designated the piece a “National Treasure” of Israel. The opening bid is $200,000 ($240,000 including commission).

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