The Western genre is just one of many Dick Ayers was known for.

The entire Heritage comics staff is deeply saddened to learn of Dick Ayers’ passing.

His contributions to the comic book field are undeniable. We all owe a part of our careers to his impressive and prodigious contributions to the field.

Comic readers treasure the classic stories Dick Ayers drew for Marvel Comics in the 1960s, but that’s just one part of a very long career that began shortly after World War II. He also worked for DC, Magazine Enterprises, Harvey, Charlton, and a number of other publishers.

If you associate Ayers with superhero, war, and Western comics you wouldn’t be wrong, but he also drew humor, horror, and more.

His penciling style was dynamic, and when he inked Jack Kirby or other artists, the results were harmonious. Just have a look at classics like Avengers #1 or Sgt. Fury #1.

We also recommend Mr. Ayers’ recent autobiography in illustrated form, which detailed his amazing career.

A few of us at Heritage have had the privilege of working with Mr. Ayers as a consignor and got to visit him on a few occasions. He was always a humble and gracious host. Though he had ample reasons to boast about his role as seminal contributor to the Marvel superhero phenomenon, he never did. In fact he was grateful that we could help him and his family in our small way. He was a gentleman from the old school.

Our sympathies go out to the Ayers family. We have lost a man who influenced generations.

By Ed Jaster and Barry Sandoval

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