Month: October 2013


Pin-Ups and Handbags: Thinking Like a Collector

Working at a place like Heritage I’ve learned a few things. My knowledge has been broadened in subjects far beyond what I ever thought I would ever have the opportunity, or the inclination, to learn, like how a classic pin-up can lead me straight into the lap of luxury – luxury accessories, that is.

“Star Blecch,” or why are Captain Kirk and Spock smiling like that?

What’s stopping Captain Kirk and Spock from saving the universe? MAD magazine! You can read the MAD magazine spoof “Star Bleech” from the high-resolution images of the original art.


Galapagos Penguin Spotted in Dallas

Vincent Astor had a fascination with penguins.They appeared on his personal stationary and a silvered chrome penguin hood ornament graced his favorite automobile, so it was fitting to commemorate the voyage with a presentation Galapagos penguin statuette, naturalistically modeled by sculptor James Lippit Clark for Gorham in sterling silver and signed in facsimile on the base by all his appreciative shipmates.

Memoirs of a Collector’s Daughter: A Summer of Baseball, Mike Piazza and Denny’s Grand Slam

By Kelly Kopa My father yells to the back of the van: “Today’s the day, I can feel it!” It was the summer of 1994. Denny’s had issued a new series of limited edition holographic major