Month: September 2013


Making the Most of Your Search for that Elusive Piece

Finding that elusive piece can be frustrating. Below are tips and tricks on how to make the most of your live searches and your saved Wantlist searches to help you find exactly what you want.


The Coin Geek: Bible Verse on U.S. Coins

While all current U.S. coins bear the national motto “In God We Trust,” a few designs from the 20th century actually cite a specific Bible verse.

Liberty Cap Half Cent, die error,

The Coin Geek: Misplaced Dates

In the 1700s and 1800s, the dies used to strike coins were made partly by machine and partly by hand. Every step in the coin-manufacturing process creates the chance for another error, and misplaced dates (sometimes abbreviated MPDs) can be spectacular – if you know where to look.


The Coin Geek: A Kindness Repaid

Like any other professional numismatist, I have had many mentors who have given me assistance and insight throughout my career. Most of their gifts I could never pay back, so I pay them forward instead. Every